Wall26 Wall Chalkboard Removable Dry Erase Blank Message Board Peel and Stick Decal Sheet (Marker Included) - 36"x48"

36" x 48"
Blank for General Use
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    This product is not so good. It's a giant sticker and putting it on the wall was a PAIN. Make sure you get someone to help you, it requires 2-3 pairs of hands. Peeling off the paper to reveal the sticker took forever, and the next day part of the sticker peeled away from the wall and stuck to the front of the board. I was able to get it stuck back to the wall, but it left a stain on the front that will forever be sticky. It's functional, and does the job but a pain.
    At first, I was so proud of this board. No holes in the wall, super big, great price. But then I tried to erase something off of my new "dry erase" board... Nope. I will forever be staring at anything left on there for over a day. I scrubbed with dry erase board cleaner, hot water, alcohol... The excitement is gone.
    Perfect for what I need it for, doest like to stick to the wall but we stapled it. Other than that the guys at work love it, making productivity much more efficient
    I bought two of these about 6 months ago.
    - I do a lot of my home work on these. There spacious and clean easily.
    - Boards this big usually cost you ~$100
    - Installation is horrible. Get an extra pair of hands when you install and make sure the wall is CLEAN (I thought I cleaned it enough, but I guess not). Otherwise, even minor bumps and bits of dust will wrinkle the dry erase and cause bumps.
    - The dry erase comes in a tube (understandable) and the instructions recommend laying it flat for a couple of days. It's been 6 months and the dry erase still "remembers" the tube shape it was shipped in and regularly peels its corners off. It sometimes completely falls off the wall at night. I've resorted to tape and thumb tacks to keep it on the wall.
    - You know how when you have a roll of tape and it folds over on itself, ruining your piece of tape? This behaves the same way. If you're not careful, you'll get permanent wrinkles and tears. This happened a few times when it fell off the wall at night onto the floor, picking up all manner of dirt (causing more wrinkles)
    I wonder if it would have been helpful to mount this on some other substrate, and then hang it. Or, perhaps some roll on adhesive on the wall before mounting to avoid the peeling.
    There are some hassles, but I'm not willing to spend the coin on a big professional marker board. With some TLC, these do the job. If you've read this review, perhaps you can start off on a better foot with them and they might require less work to maintain.
    did not stick, sent it back
    I would not purchase again. Was a headache to put up on the wall. I would recommend buying a framed dry erase board instead.
    This is really big. I decided to use it for more smaller projects rather than 1 big wall poster. It arrived rolled in a long tube but there was no problem with curling when I applied it to the wall. The dry erase marker included worked well and erased well. There was a faint grey residue in a few spots that removed easily with a slightly wet paper towel. I had read in some review that it fell off some walls. I did not have that problem. It stuck very well and removed completely from a glass window and from a painted wall. I highly recommend it but I would be careful to test how it removes from your painted wall to make sure there is no damage should you choose to remove it. I got this item at a discount, in exchange for my honest review!
    Sticks up and holds to the wall like it should but it is impossible to erase cleanly, leaves a ton of "ghosting" that I can scrub off eventually but it takes a hell of a lot of scrubbing and cleaner to get it done. I'd not recommend this as a solution for a dry erase board.
    Installed on a Monday night in my office. By the following Wednesday, it had peeled itself off the wall, & got tangled up in itself as well as other papers it fell on in my office. I now can not get it unstuck from itself. Even if I could it is so wrinkled now it would look horrible hung up again. So if you're going to buy it, be prepared to trim out the perimeter to keep it from peeling back off. But then again, once you do that you're putting more time & money into it so you might be better off buying the pre framed ones.
    Didn't come with black marker as advertised. Very thin construction, impossible to remove all the creases, and it had tear/imperfections in the material. Not worth it.
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