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Wall26 Customer Reviews & Product Ratings

Great painting for the money!
I bought this for a gift and he loved it! It’s very quality.
I ordered the 24 x 36 inch Phoenix skyline at dusk. I really like it. No damage. Arrived quickly. Fairly minimal boxing, minimal protective packaging. Frame had the cardboard corner guards on it. Had to be careful pulling the staples out of the corner guards, because it is possible to pull the canvas loose, or damage frame if I was hasty (I almost did this). Use needle nosed pliers, and something decent to pry a staple out. Don't let the kids do it! I love the way it looks. I put it in my bedroom, now I want another Wall26, 48 incher, of somewhere else for my living room. Photo art is representational, and is kind of intriguing. Not stunning, just interesting is all.
Love it. It's light weight and good size. Came nicely back.
Super pretty! Love it!
beautiful pic, exactly what we were looking for
Great price for an awesome picture
Love it! Came in perfect condition, looks great in my room!
I wanted something nice that would work well with the color scheme in my bedroom, and this picture fit the bill. I used those Command picture strips to put it up in case I have to move it. It ties my room together quite well.
Beautiful and classy ultra modern.. color is mostly blue... I love it!