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Woman with Fan (or Lady with Fan) by Gustav Klimt Framed Art

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$ 49.99
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About this Product

  • Frame adds 3" to the canvas width and height. i.e. 24"x36" canvas will measure 27" x 39" framed
  • High quality print mounted on high quality foamcore
  • Hanging accessory kit included
  • Printed and Framed in the USA. Lifetime warranty with a life expectancy of 100 years

Product made in USA with fast shipping. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Amazing everything!!! Yes
Five compliments from co-workers in one day... 'Enuff said...
the most worthless thing I have ever bought, frame was so cheap it fell into pieces as soon as I unpacked, dont buy, this is a waste of money
Nice quality print, the water looks reflective. The frame looks nice, and doesn’t look like plastic from afar. I wish they offer the uncroped picture with this frame.
Thumbs up
It's a really good print--the frame is a bit flimsy at the corners, but once i'ts on the wall, that weakness is hard to notice.
I like it very much. The frame could be a little heavier material but it's fine.
I have several high quality oil-on-canvas reproductions of Klimt paintings, but this was a nice way to bring art into more casual spaces upstairs without the high cost of oil-on-canvas. LOVE the vibrant colors and the frame is nice, too.