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how an Ergonomic Chair can relieve back pain

Are you experiencing back pains after a long day of work in the office? Are you spending more than 4 hours sitting in a chair every day? If yes, please take some time to reevaluate your sitting habits and the equipment you are using in your office. The equipment you are using has a lot to do with the problems you may be experiencing. Finding better equipment may drastically decrease your back pain and may be healthier for your body overall.

Break Bad Sitting Habits. When you are sitting in a chair most of your day, be sure to sit in a neutral typing position that reduces the tension and strain on your muscles and back.

  • Recline your backrest to relieve stress in your back when you are sitting for long periods of time.
  • Rest your feet firmly on the ground to allow support for your back and legs. Avoid crossing your legs under your chair as this increases stress in your muscles.
  • Relax your arms with your arms parallel to your thighs and adjust your keyboard to a position that is comfortable for you.
  • Always support your lower back with a small pillow or towel to avoid stress in your lower back.

Switch to an Ergonomic Office Chair. Ergonomic desk chairs are designed to help improve your posture and maintain comfort. Here’s how to find the perfect ergonomic desk chair for your office:

adjustable back

Adjustable Back

lumbar support

Lumbar Support

  • Opt for a chair that is wide enough to create a comfortable fit for your body. You should not feel any pressure or soreness after sitting for several hours.
  • Look for a chair that is adjustable and can be adjusted to a custom height to provide accurate positioning and support for you.
  • Try to find a chair with a curved back rest to fit and support your spine. You want the lower back support.

What’s worse than a long day in the office sitting in an uncomfortable chair? The pains associated with this that’s what. Not only is back pains and other aches painful, but they are also a huge distraction especially when you have deadlines to meet and work to do. Many back pains and aches can be reduced just by using the right chair. Ergonomic furniture is made to improve joint problems and pains while adding comfort. If this these are some of the problems you face each day, switching to ergonomic furniture may be the best option for you:

Knee Pains

Knee pains are generally caused by the seat of your chair. Ergonomic chairs have a molded seat which slowly slightly to increase blood flow to your legs, which reduces knee pains and increases circulation. Most ergonomic chairs feature memory foam for added comfort and support. Compared to normal office chairs, ergonomic chairs provide full body support which can reduce aches and pains throughout the body and not just in the legs.

Joint Pains

Oftentimes, joint pains arise after sitting in an office chair for too long especially for those who are older. Joint pain usually occurs in the arms, ankles, hands, as well as the knees. Ergonomic chairs come with highly adjustable armrests that can be customized to each person’s preference. Unlike regular office chairs that come with a standard armrest that is fixed in a permanent position, ergonomic chairs allow better blood flow to your arms and hands due to the adjustability in the armrests. Long days in the office that consist of lots of typing can result in hand cramps and even neck aches. Simply adjusting the armrest on your chair can reduce the strain in your neck, hands, and arms.

Neck Pains

Neck pains are caused by a number of things. Back pains, slouching over to type, typing for long hours, and not having anything to rest your neck on all contribute to neck pains. Ergonomic desk chairs can help solve this problem because they are designed to relieve back pains which are linked to neck pains as well. Ergonomic chairs feature a slightly curved backing which fully supports the spline, also eliminating neck pains. With full support in your lower and upper back, neck pains are generally eliminated as well.