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How to Select an Ideal Office Chair

Office chairs come in many different sizes and forms. If you are looking for some new office furniture, start with your office chairs. You will find that you have numerous options: steel casings, modern screen or mesh, light aluminum frames, and leather just to name a few. In order to select the best chair for your office, consider the following:

Office Décor and Environment

The furniture in your office plays a big role in the interior design. Different colors and textures can be used to create a positive atmosphere for the staff in your office. The ideal office chair for your office should help add to the ambiance that you are trying to create. If you are trying to create a modern, open office with natural lighting, natural wood furniture and aluminum office chairs will give a more streamlined look. For offices that are smaller for business, a more traditional look may be ideal. Using dark wood furniture and leather chairs will help your office maintain a business professional feel. When using leather chairs, be sure to choose ones that have a reinforced backing that does not lose its shape over time.

Function and Form

To find the ideal chair for your office, it is crucial that you identify the type of work you do in your office then select a chair that is appropriate. If your staff are constantly moving, lightweight chairs may be the best option for your workplace as they are easy to maneuver. Also, consider chairs that have wheels and can swivel to make it easier for your staff to move around. If your office is stationary and staff members do not move around frequently, ergonomic office chairs would be your best choice. Ergonomic desk chairs fully support the body allowing good posture support, comfort and helps to reduce joint strains and pains.

Health of your Staff

If your staff members are spending long hours on the computer, the best office chairs are ones that promote joint health and posture. Ergonomic chairs will help to support the natural shape of the spine, and arm rests and seats should be adjusted to help reduce the body’s strain. You want to maintain a positive working environment for all your employees, so investing in ergonomic chairs will allow them more comfort which will increase productivity in the workplace.


Having a budget and knowing what you can spend is important so that you spend within your means. Set a budget for yourself and explore office chair options within your price range. Also, buying in large quantities may sometimes lower the overall price of each chair. Expect to spend at least $120 for a comfortable, durable office chair.