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What is Low Poly

Low Poly art is the new artistic trend in contemporary design. What is it, where did it come from and what makes it so special?

So, what is Low Poly art? 

Image source:  Behance

It is a style of painting, often through computer software, where colors and shapes are rendered in flat, simple surfaces. The color range is simplified or 'posterized', the shape of a subject is recreated with sharp lines and facets. Limitations in shape and color are used for aesthetic value and are reminiscent of several influential artistic styles like pointillism and the abstract art of Piet Mondriaan.

Where did it come from?

When 3D art and gaming became popular the available computers were underpowered and had trouble displaying fine details. 3D models required thousands of polygons to appear smooth and designers had to use the minimal amount of polygons while still rendering an image that was clear and easy to recognize. A talented designer could turn this limitation into an interesting, almost surreal design.

Image source:  Reddit

What makes it so special?

The limitation in rendering 3D models became ingrained in the public eye, the simplification of objects and environments lead to a new and creative look. And traditional artists started to use this technique in two dimensional artwork.

Image Source: Behance Low Poly Study

Low Poly art has evolved into a respected form of art that is pleasing to the eye, and uses self-imposed limitations to create original and attractive art. Some artists base their artwork on 3D models, some on existing photography and some design Low Poly art from the ground up. Thanks to sophisticated software like the Low Poly Generator it is now easy for everyone, artist or not, to create your very own masterpiece! 

Image source:  DeviantArt