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Pros and Cons of Low Poly Illustration

Low polygonal (low poly) illustrations are becoming increasingly popular for their pared-back, geometric style. They were originally used in 3D video games for their fast render speed, but have now become a legitimate art form. The term "low poly" is relative, standard number of polygons in a rendering having increased with computer processing power throughout the years. 

Advantages of Low Poly Art 

Low poly art gives a retro feel to pieces, reminiscent of pixel art on early computer games. It takes less computing power than high poly rendering and offers a unique digital art style, as it hasn't yet spread to the mainstream

Image Source: Behance Low Poly Study


Depending on the look you're going for with your art piece, low poly may not give the desired impression. It's difficult to accurately show faces (especially for a group of people), and you must be prepared for it to stand out. 

However, Low poly art still offers a very fresh new perspective on digital art, great for modern, animated and semi-abstract pieces. 

Image Source: Behance Low Poly Study

There are a number of tools available to help create low poly art. However, one that is particularly easy to use is this low poly generator (, which allows you to upload (or simply drag and drop) a photo, which it will render in low poly within seconds. The tool also contains filters and sizing tools to achieve your desired look, as well as an on-demand printing service to eliminate hassle. 

It's very difficult to distinguish yourself in the saturated world of digital art today, so low poly art could be an interesting road to explore.    

Image Source: Behance God Father Low Poly Portrait