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Customer Reviews - Beautiful Garden/Backyard View from Inside a Window Removable Wall Sticker/Wall Mural - 36"x48"

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Same at as last comment.
Several designs for everyones style just not what i need for mom
Fools many into thinking this is a real window.
I love the scene on mural. Looks very natural.
looks so njce on wall
I love my new window, it's so lifelike, this is my second one and if I had more walls I would purchase more!
Lovely, well made mural. I had to have help putting it up.
I was surprised how clear and realistic it looks! And the material is strong and feels like it will last forever. Also the adhesive is powerful, so you need to be very careful when peeling it and applying it. You don't want it to suddenly attach itself to itself, as one hapless reviewer lamented. This particular print appears to be eerily identical to the view of my back yard in Cleveland Heights.Ohio when I was a kid. The last time I was there my parents were still alive, and I was a young man still in high school. If I look at the scene long enough, it's almost as if the years magically fade away, and I can smell the fresh fragrance of the greenery,,, and hear familiar voices from the past calling my name,,. It was a peaceful time, and all my dreams were yet possible. I try not to spend too much time looking at the damn thing.
I used a level to mark the wall and then started on one side to make sure I got it straight. It's large and takes a little patience to put up....take it very slow to lesson the chance of 'bubbles' and only peel off enough backing to adhere a few inches at a time. I had only 3 little bubbles when done so I poked a tiny hole with a pin and easily pushed out the air and removed the bubble. Everyone says it's looks fantastic! Even my 'a sticker in the dining room?' husband says it looks awesome!
This item is quite large. I decided not to use it as I decided to do a collage. Still a nice wall hanging. I will be hanging it in the office.
Very pretty