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This is art, I have this in my bedroom behind my bed. Looks fantastic, looks very artistic and modern, easy to install.
Even though i have no idea of what it says...It's the perfect addition to my bedroom lol. Painting is exact to description
This is my favorite Amazon purchase to date! I gave it a costom frame to really make it pop! Everyone loves it and it makes my kitchen/bar complete!
I seriously love this.
Great price, looks great, really classes the joint up. You're buying a canvas print of the picture above. I think it's a great value, looks good on the wall, and I'm satisfied!
Love it and it's been a great conversation piece when i have visiters.
I got the 24"x36" stick em up panda.
Pleased with the brown and gray tones in it. Adds a bit of a rustic/earthy touch and I like that.
The sawtooth picture hangars that are provided are super easy to screw into the back of the frame. I just had a difficult time getting them completely straight Lol.
For the price I'm very happy with my purchase.
Awesome picture for my den!. I get compliments from everyone that's been over to my house..
A really unique piece of art!
The first one I received came with a cracked frame but it was clear it was damaged in transit because the box was all tore up. They had a new one on it's way to me in just a couple of days and didn't make me send the old one back. They were so easy to work with. The quality of the canvas is surprising good for the price and the design is clear (I was worried it would look a little fuzzy or pixelated but it doesn't at all).
My only complaint is that the lines in the brick pattern aren't straight so it kind of makes the piece look crooked on the wall even after using a level to make sure it's not. I'm incredibly picky about that things like that, though, so it probably wouldn't bother most people.