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Great look in windowless office space.
Make sure you have a plan before you attempt the installation. I ended up with wrinkles on mine because I didn’t know what I was doing.
I purchased to give my cubical a better view...while I used tacks and not the cling back to hang which was semi difficult to keep from movie. It works perfect for my purpose. Special with the upcoming fall/winter weather-limited day light. Adding a few plants n a lamp its perfect.
Enjoying looking @ it
Still have it and still looks great after 3 years
Item arrived quickly and it is good quality. Easy to apply to wall and I am very happy with the way it looks. Thank you for a quality product and fast shipping!
In an office without windows...makes me feel less confined!
Go to your happy place... I’m the only person at work with a window.
There is supposed to have a hurricane coming but I look out my window and the weather is nice.
Quality good, thickness good. I don’t see it sticking to anything... does not come with instructions. I put mine on a backer board with scotch tape.
I Placed this on a bathroom wall to give it the ultimate relaxation vibe & it has been up for over a year now; I know it is a late in the game kind of review but life gets busy.. Well it still looks perfect today. When I received it I placed it flat on my closet floor (not carpeted) with something on top to make sure it flattened it straight for easier installation, when it was time to peel & stick, it went very smoothly & I did not need another persons help. I lined it up so both left & right corners were even & then II used a folded hand towel to smooth it as I made sure no air bubbles, no creases formed. Really easy to do. I’m now moving & I removed it (reason I decided to review it), came off like a charm, no damage to wall paint. Excellent product & very lively & pretty.
looks real when you walk into the room
only thought is if the frame were in a wood color it would really pop on a white wall