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Great color, easy to apply. Would definitely buy again!
The print is poor quality. Does not look like the picture. We sent it back.
We hung this today in my daughters bedroom as a surprise 10th birthday gift. The colors are gorgeous and the quality of the sheets are nice. However, it was a challenge to hang. My husband and I worked together. One of us peeled the backing down as the other one smoothed the sticker on. We still ended up with a lot of bubbles but the graphics do a decent job hiding them. From far away you can’t really tell but up close it’s definitely an issue. So, I’d say that if you’re doing this in a main room with a lot of traffic, you might be better off with regular wallpaper. If it’s for an accent room or a kids room, it does the job!!
This is a great product for an accent wall. It took me approx 45 mins to put up. A few tips peel back 12” on top and place the first strip even. Overlay the following strips the same way until the pattern lines up it’s about 3/4” overlay. Looks great I may buy another one. It looks blurry up close but don’t let that fool you it looks very real when on the wall.
Honestly, I was scared a bit t give this a try. Since there weren't much in the reviews, and it was a long shot with canvas like feel to it. My daughter forced me to buy it and it did turn out to be a winner. Exact fit, but a bit challenging to paste due to extra long size; not to mention my lack of experience in self adhesive wallpapers. So, far i am very satisfied with this 5 starer.
Amazing!!! My daughters dorm room was voted #1 thanks to wall26! Thank you so much!!
Inexpensive pop of fun color. Wouldn't use in a high end application but for this purpose it's fine. Reasonably easy to ins, I did get a few wrinkles but the pattern disguises it.
Im so happy very nice and good quality
That is great I love it fits great in my wall is so amazing that look that my Livin room has now only cuz of that thanks amazon !!!!
After recently installing a wall mural that required water to activate the paste, I was really pleased with how easy it was to install this one. It is still a two person job though. The mural has been up for 2 months and it is well stuck despite peeling it off several times during installation to get everything lined up right. The places where the panels come together are well chosen from the content of the photo so your eyes aren't drawn to the seems. One minor frustration with the installation was that the panels came rolled with the numbers inside so they had to be unrolled to check if you were getting the correct next panel. Also there were some faint green lines along the side of each panel which needed to be trimmed off. Still this was easier to install than I expected and it really looks great!