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Customer Reviews - Vertical Cream and Soft Yellow Wood Textured Paneling - Wall Mural, Removable Wallpaper, Home Decor - 100x144 inches

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Love it and so easy to put up, I'll be definitely ordering another design soon.
Everyone who comes into my office thinks it's real wood at first lol. I get a ton of compliments on it.
Looks great in my office. However after 9 months a few of the strips are shrinking leaving visible gaps.
Amazing print. Looks like real wood on my wall. Super easy to install. Mine did not peel away on its own, and sticks perfectly. Everyone who comes over has to feel the wall to know it's not real wood
Love the end result but this was hard to put up. I will just refer to it as the mural that nearly ruined a relationship! We had so much trouble making the 'planks' line up perfectly and the mural seems to stretch very easily if you handle it too much by pulling it and realigning. It took off the paint on the wall too. Up close it almost looks 'cartoonish' but from away it really does look impressive. We had extra difficulties since it appears our wall wasn't exactly level to begin with. However, 4 hrs. later we were able to walk away and were pleased with the end result. There are lots of creases and spots where the planks don't exactly align but unless you are looking for it I think it blends in pretty well.
Everyone thinks it's real wood. They touch it and say wow. Easy to install. I did use brown penny nails to hold in places where come loose. I live st the beach so that may have an effect on the and he sieve part. See pics
I am glad they updated the listing and include one for higher ceilings. I love this contact paper, very smooth and easy to apply.
great product. all panels numbered to make it easy. user just has to be careful when putting it up to keep the panels straight. looks great on my walls. I did a whole room.
Put up for my youngest daughter after our house flooded. She wanted real reclaimed wood. ( she watches too much HGTV). But I did it by myself in a little over an hour. Super easy to adjust once it's stuck if the lines don't add up. No directions in the here ya go. Put it up the same direction that you read, from left to right. Get a ball park measurement and cut off the excess. (But don't cut too short. Measure twice, cut once) It makes it easier to handle and unroll when covering an 8ft. wall. I said ball park, so you can tuck in your corners at the bottom for a clean finish, the trim off the excess. Looks awesome!!
It's nice and thick and waaaaay easier to use than a LOT of other adhesives I've used.