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Customer Reviews - Political Typographic Map of The World in Full Color - Creative Letter Design - Wall Mural, Removable Sticker, Home Decor - 66x96 inches

This product is extremely durable. Extremely strong adhesive! The only downside is it's very difficult 2 level perfectly with help let alone by yourself. I wish the panels would have been horizontal instead of vertical. Would have made installation much easier.
Bought to use on the ceiling. Haven’t gotten it up yet, but it is good quality printing, not pixelated up close. Happy with the look and delivery time.
I love this mural! I've had so many compliments on it. I bought this because I can't paint the walls in my condo so I wanted something very different, this is perfect. It is rather difficult to put up by yourself so I recommend having another set of hands to help you. I also recommend that when you start overlapping a panel onto the previous one that you mark a pencil line as to where to start the overlap.
Customer service was great! I had to contact them and they were very accommodating.
P.S. I plan to buy several other of their designs.
Outdated map and difficult to line up, still Love it
My wife and I installed this together in about 30 minuts total. It covers the wall and looks awesome! Buy it
So for starters some Pros: Its HUGE which makes it look really nice on the wall, the colors are beautiful and it seems to stick to the wall pretty well
Cons: THIS THING IS NOT A ONE PERSON JOB, the pieces are extremely hard to align and it seems to get bubbles underneath it no matter how carefully you stick it, also this is not accurate, I live in Michigan and its not even the right shape on the map but overall those kind of details would go unnoticed.
SO, for the money its worth it and I love it.
Tips for install: Have another person help you, DON'T pull it off the wall to try to re-adjust it unless you do it oh so carefully because you will stretch it out, outline on the wall where you want it first and use a squeegee from left to right to try to push out the bubbles
you should definitely buy it though, and good luck(:.
Have patience placing it on wall. But WOW! It really looks nice!
Beautiful and exactly meets our needs.
Great quality product and easy to apply with one person. We've had many compliments!