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May have been damaged in transit, but the corners are not squared angles. Very annoying to have something that looks more like a rhombus hanging on your wall. Even if it was damaged on the way here, that was to be expected as the box was too big for the canvas and there was no padding/bubble wrap to stop it from taking a beating.
Good quality canvas print, just need to find a place to hang it on my wall
I got the largest one (32" x 48")
Poorly packaged. Broke during shipment. Looked cheap. Like a copy machine print.
Great piece and well made
Not bad. Clearly a print over as the sides leak over from some of the art.
Its basically an smartphone camera printed out so the quality isnt amazing, also the fabric isnt well stretched over the frame as some have already mentioned. With that said, its a fairly cheap product so what do you expect?
Considering what I had printed (graffiti art) I don't think these are deal breakers. Id buy more down the road.
This will be sooo perfect in my daughter’s new “positivity” room!!! Love it!!
Great price, looks great, really classes the joint up. You're buying a canvas print of the picture above. I think it's a great value, looks good on the wall, and I'm satisfied!
Beautiful piece of art, and the size was perfect for the space over my fireplace. Dreary, but it has a good message.
Great Christmas present for my brother! Shipped in only a couple of days and in time for the holiday. The quality was impressive and the price was great. Couldn't be happier!