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Customer Reviews - Romance Series - Black White and red Color pop - Deep red Wine - Cabernet - Merlot - Shiraz - Bottle and Glass - Canvas Art Home Art - 12x12 inches - (Cont'd)

Great material and very sturdy. Too heavy for tacks but holds up well with Velcro strips!
Perfect wall print for anyone who likes Paris themed decor. It was a well made canvas!
Very nice canvas. Love it.
My step daughter loves it
Perfect for my daughters room.
I was looking for a Paris picture that would go with my Paris shower curtain! This picture did the trick, perfect size and fit! The effifle tower is actual a shade of pink!
Super cute! My 11yr old with a Paris themed room loves it.
Love the products but it took over 2 weeks to get it
The print of the Eiffel Tower was perfect for my granddaughter who just returned from Paris and celebrated her birthday. Thanks
Love this canvas paint is so big and beautiful