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Customer Reviews - Sun Rays Peeking Through The Forest with Bushes - Fabric Tapestry, Home Decor - 51x60 inches

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So beautiful. Good quality. Huge.
It looks gorgeous on my wall! Fill me with gratitude every time I look at it. I love sun rays!!!
Good quality, great colors, worth it
Looks exactly like the photo. It is a thick polyester fabric hymed all the way around. The picture quality is beautiful. I liked it so much I bought another one to make it wider :)
soooo beautiful
I have this hanging in my bedroom and it's perfect for creating a starry night look with my string lights.
Great thick material! It's high quality & not thin at all! I was disappointed with the picture quality though. The photo shown is lovely, the actual tapestry was not as sharp & defined as the photo. The sky was more just a grey blend, rather than the blue sky with clouds & the sun is a bright point in the photos, but harder to pick out in the actual tapestry.
If you are not super picky about exact reproduction of the photo, then this is still a nice product. Maybe other pictures, other than the one I picked came out better, but I was hoping for it to look just like the picture.
Love the feel this tapestry gives my bedroom. I like taking pictures in front of it also. The print is vivid, and the colors are bright. The sunlight filtering through the trees is great for mood enhancement too!
I have over my bed and I love looking at it
I have this hanging in my office. It hangs well with just thumbtacks. The medium tapestry takes up almost the entire wall, and really sets a nice mood. It's almost like having a window! It's a great conversation starter too. I started out with an Autumn scene, and finally purchased this snowy scene for Winter. I can't wait for Spring when I can switch it out with a spring scene... and Summer... It's a really cost-effective and high-impact way to liven up a drab office.