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Customer Reviews - Crafted to Perfection, Astonishing Print, Self Portrait by Van Gogh

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its not an original but I love the painting and in my bedroom is makes the room a lil bit more pleasant. The price is beyond reasonable
Very nice
I'd have given this 5 stars, but yet ANOTHER canvas print I've ordered from this company arrived with an issue. Last time I had a slanted frame. This time it looks like someone laid their knee into the back of the canvas - stretching a big spot into the middle of the picture. I know this didn't happen during shipping - the box was undamaged, the bubblewrap around the paintings were fine. It looks like their QC completely missed this stretched out messed up blotch in the middle of the picture and shipped it anyway.
If you find this has happened to your painting, here's what I did to fix it: I took my clothing steamer and did 3-4 passes over the stretched out spot on the BACK of the canvas, waited a few minutes, then did 3-4 more passes over it. Let enough hot water/steam hit the canvas to make it feel hot, but don't soak it. After about the 5 minutes the heat/steam had dried and shrunk the stretched out spot - it now looks much better. Still, -1 star for me having to fix something I just bought.
And excellent value!
huge and looks great. love the texture
It's beautiful. Love it!
I love the colors in this canvas. I feel as though Van Gogh painted it himself (sorta), but none the less it was worth it!!!
Love these "ready to hang" canvas prints. Comes with the hook. Easy to screw in with a screw driver. Nice vibrant colors. Light weight prints so you don't need heavy duty wall mounts. I used one heavy duty nail to hang this print. Perfect. Comes wrapped in bubble wrap and solid box packaging.
Very nice canvas print, and you can't beat the price! I plan on ordering more from Wall26! Packaged nicely and arrived on time.
vibrant and good quality canvas... looks lovely in my kitchen which is turquoise, green, and beige