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Customer Reviews - Monet Japanese Bridge (Lily Pond) by Claude Monet - Canvas Print - (Cont'd)

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Not a perfect reproduction, so the colours are somewhat washed out if compared to the original, but it looks wonderful on my wall.
only negative is that the canvas was not stretched tight enough.
Great Price for a famous painting. Well Mounted to frame.
The colors are warm and intense. The box frame is sturdy and well-balanced. Highly recommended.
Like alot.
Looks nice for the price. The print does not look as great as I expected. Some other ones had better coloring, but I went with the cheapest option.
Very pretty. Just as shown.
This painting depicts Monet's garden at Giverny and was painted while he suffered a series of cataracts. There are around 250 paintings of water lilies by Monet, but the color quality, subtle hues, and contrasting shades prove this one to be a great example of his famous series. It is wrapped and framed very well.
I love it!!!!
Looks great! Good quality.