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Customer Reviews - Grand Technique, a Spread of Purple Flowers on a Rock Wall, Original Creation

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Picture does not do it justice. It is so lovely. Customer service is wonderful. Comes in 4 pieces. Only 3 pieces on the wall in the picture posted. I had not pasted last piece.
This was almost 1000% perfect , strip 5/6 wasnt cut right. For 2 hrs we tried to match it with the 4th strip but it would not match at all. Its a little off. I still applied and hoped for the best but its obviouly slightly off.
This is great! It wasn’t super difficult to put up because I watched some YouTube videos before. On the third panel I think I got a bit cocky and wasn’t as careful so it kind of was a domino effect. I had to adjust the rest of the panels because of my semi skewed third panel. But that’s my own fault. I really like it. Now I just need to get new bedding.....
I always buy these my rooms or an office. I love the look but these are difficult to place! It is completely a two person project. I have owned three 100 x 144 so far. Here's my tip because it doesn't come with directions. DIRECTIONS---Start in the MIDDLE of the wall! Then work out left and right. Do not unroll the whole panel. When you begin to hang, free about one foot from the backing and get placing right. You'll be taking it on and off a few times for sure. CRITICAL---- Overlap each piece of vinyl by 1/2-1 inch on both sides. Does not work well on textured walls, but holds good and true on flat paint drywall. Do not allow the vinyl to roll over onto itself or that may be the end of your project because it's extremely sticky. And lawd, pray your project partner isn't a perfectionist or you might be hanging one panel until the apocalypse begins.
Beautiful love it! Easy to put up
Bought for my Cafe looks good
I never hanged wall paper before so it was a bit difficult for me. It does have an adhesive back so I did not have to use any paste. Absolutely no directions so I wasn't sure if I was supposed to overlap or abut side by side. The lines did not line up for each panel. However, it is placed in a hallway so you cannot tell unless you look at it straight away. I would but this product again (different pattern) and probably hang it better now that I have a bit of experience.
Was harder to put up then expected. Came without ANY INSTRUCTIONS. It went over another Mural but I didn't know it was self adhesive so it had to go on first try or I would rip the underneath one. But, it looks great and I LOVE IT. I have 2 eye ball lights shining on it and it looks awesome but the picture I don't have any lights except you will see at the left it has a haze to it but that's just the lights coming from the other room. I LOVE THIS after I GOT IT UP. :)
Fantastic image very fiddly to put up and a lack of any guide instructions.
It's a 1/2 wall in our living area - 66"x96". Requires 2 to install properly. Comes in 4 panels. Second panel doesn't line up w flower perfectly...not that noticeable. Panels 2-4 don't align well, no problem just aline the pebbles w panel 3 & flowers / sand w panel 4. Go back and trim top and bottom of wall art. It's beautiful! And It sticks well on textured walls. We love it!!!
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