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Customer Reviews - Suspense by Charles Burton Barber - Canvas Print Wall Art Famous Painting Reproduction - 16" x 24" - (Cont'd)

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Love this pic. Even tho the dogs are a slight bit blur but nothing to complain about cause one cant notice unless youre very close to pucture. Got this for it reminds me of my day for he had actual prints of this and another one all my years growing up.
I ordered a 32x48, and it is awesome! High-quality canvas, good packaging, included are some screws and hinges for hanging. As others have mentioned, it does look kinda blurry, but it's not an issue unless you want to hang it directly in front of your eyes. Five feet away and I cannot notice the blurriness; if anything, it looks pleasantly soft. I can see how this might be an issue for some people, and after reading the reviews I was worried too, but turns out it's not a huge problem. I guess they just couldn't get a better source resolution.
I would rate it 4.5/5 stars because of this, but as I can only give full stars, then 5 it is!
I purchased as a birthday gift for my dad's bar. He loved it!
Very nice and inexpensive canvas!
I hung it in my office at work and everybody comments on it. It's a little bit blurry if you look closely, but from 6-8 feet away you can't tell. I think because the original image was blown up a bit too far to make the large print, but maybe it was intentional to give it a softer look from further away. In any case, I like it. It's kind of silly, but I'd buy it again. No regrets.
such a great print to be out of focus