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What is Behind the Color of Office Furniture?

Studies have shown that the color of office furniture and influence productivity in the workplace. This is sort of an odd correlation, but certain colors can be appealing to the eye and help the brain to concentrate more. Here is a breakdown of the different colors that can promote productivity and help to maintain a positive environment at work:


Red is can be seen as a stimulant and can enhance people’s emotions. It is a color of motivation, activity and desire. It can also a color that represents competition and excitement.

red office furniture


Blue is a color that promotes quietness and tranquility. This color can also be calming when used in the office. It creates a relaxing and serene environment for the workplace. This color serves to neutralize worries and helps to clear tensions. This color also helps to promote productivity.

blue office furniture


Yellow is the color that attracts the human eye the most due to its brightness and vibrancy. Since the color is so bright, it can oftentimes become a distraction since it reflects more light and over-stimulates. However when lighter shades of yellow are used, it can be more comforting and pleasing to the eye. This color symbolizes positivity, logic, and reason.

yellow office furniture


Black is a color that symbolizes respect and power. It also creates a very luxurious and mysterious. In an office setting, black furniture can indicate a person’s level of authority within the workplace. However, such a dark color must be used with caution because it can close up a space and create a claustrophic environment.

black office furniture


White is a bright, clean color that can light up the environment. It promotes productivity and symbolizes balance, calmness, and harmony. In an office setting, this color can really give the room a brighter appearance which stimulates positivity and clean ambiance.

white office furniture


Orange is a color that creates a joyful environment. It stimulates optimism and helps to prevent fatigue. It gives the workplace a cheerful ambiance and promotes productivity. It can also make your office look very inviting and comfortable.

orange office furniture


Green is a color that promotes energy. When used in a work environment, it motivates people and creates harmony. Green is also very appealing to the eye especially when your employees are tired after a long day of computer work. Green can help to stimulate happiness and joy.

green office furniture