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Very easy to install,nice and thick vinyl
I love it ! Input it up in my cubicle at work .. Everyone likes my view!
Can you believe it? We installed this in the back of our RV where the first model had a window and this new one does not!
We LOVE it. Went on easily and is so very pretty. A lovely addition to our life!
I got the wall pop quickly and without damage and it went up easily - ok with a bit of a bump but only due to our inability to hang it totally flat! Seller was very helpful when I did not have the instructions. Very happy with my purchase.
Very easy to put up in my office. It gives me something beautiful to look at during my long day.
Beautiful - putting it up works better with two people - one to hold it away from the wall and one to line it up and put it on the wall. The paper is kind of hard to remove off the back so take about half of it off before you try to stick it on the wall. You have to hold it away from the wall or it will stick to itself.
Love it. I put them above my Master bath tub and put frames around it.
Great picture. A little awkward to hang by myself but I got the job done. Looks great!
There are several bubbles in the vinyl. I did not want to stick it directly to the wall. And its pretty distorted.
Beautiful. A little hard to put up. Got some wrinkles. But overall it looks great.