Wall26 - Horses in a pasture grazing on green grass - Wall Mural, Removable Sticker, Home Decor - 36x48 inches

36" x 48"
Horses in a Pasture
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    I ordered this for the front wall of my trailer to give the illusion of a window rather then looking at a blank wall. It did exactly what I wanted it to. Made the trailer feel more spacious. Excellent quality and the picture looked just like our camp grounds near by. I love it, really searched to find a window that was closed and the right scene. Just perfect!
    I got the "Hammock between two palms at a tropical resort" for my small office...it is awesome! Easy to install by myself too in about 5 minutes. Just get a straight line on the wall, peel back the top, align and stick along the top, and pull down the back decal and go side-to-side until you are at the bottom. It looks (almost) like a real window with a great view! The frame is not blurry at all either. Love it!
    This thing is beautiful, I was a little nervous when I got it because it's big but it hangs easily and I had no issues with air bubbles etc.
    I expected much better quality for the price. Not as pictured. I love the white horse, it's very beautiful, but it's unfortunate that the window frame is blurry. Why WHY WHYYYY!!!!! Such a shame. I bought another design, it's on its way now.... I'm trying to figure out where to put it but I might try to return... Well, I'll hear my husband's opinion first tho. I now understand why 1 person said it looks better online!!! It's because the window frame is blurry in person!!! That's what makes it look so odd!! It ruins the art!!! :(((( I bet many people that gave 5 star reviews just don't have good eye sight.....or maybe they got a discount or got it for free, who knows.... They definitely can do better... I would've loved it without the window frame, I think, because the blurry window frame ruins the picture. But since I love all species I'll change to 5 stars. Also, since I'm Amazon Prime member, Amazon credited me.
    Love it!!!
    This was exactly what I wanted I love the beach scene
    the picture on line is much nicer than in person.
    This was just what we needed to finish a room make over
    This came much earlier that I was lead to believe and that made me very happy.
    I put this on my bedroom wall last night and I love looking at it.
    REALLY bummed. I followed instructions to hang this in my daughter's room. We hung it, it looked great. Left to go see a movie and it was lying on the floor crumpled up because it had fallen off the wall while we were gone. The sticky sides were stuck to each other, which stretched when I pulled it apart. What a waste of money.