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Flower Wall Art


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Floral Wall Art & Prints FAQ


What Can Flowers Symbolize in Art?

Love – For the longest time, people have used roses to express affection. Red roses, for instance, add undisputable energy. Their sweet scent can leave your loved one elated. In art, they symbolize a strong desire and passionate love. A cliche is that a bouquet of roses will easily help you win her heart. So why not some flower wall decor?

Calmness – Feeling anxious? Some blue flowers might be the perfect antidote. These often symbolize openness and serenity. Artists use such flower prints to preach peace and depict a state of calmness. They blend well with many different colors. So, you won't have to worry about the color of your walls.

Happiness – What's your favorite color? Pink? This color in flowers symbolizes gentility, grace, and happiness. Their beautiful petals and incredible shape represents joy. They could also be used to describe youthfulness. Flower artwork sends the same message.

Royalty – Need some art to give your place a classy feel? Purple flowers can symbolize luxury. Artists use flower canvas art to symbolize class and more. They symbolize success, dignity, and pride. The breathtaking blossoms signify accomplishments, and admiration.

Death – It is common for people to bring flowers to cemeteries. Black and yellow are the most common. They symbolize the friendships and special relationships we had with the deceased. Artists use flower art prints to signify the same.

What Are The Different Types of Flower Art?

Abstract – This style doesn't seek to achieve an accurate visual reality. Instead, the artist uses select colors and shapes as a representation. Non-objective and concrete are some of the words that describe this design. An artist uses distinctive gestural marks and colors on flower canvas prints. Such simplicity and purity bring out the best in art.

3D Flower Decor This style of presents art in three dimensions. The style creates a mental illusion. An artist tricks your mind into seeing some level of 'realness.' The realness and uniqueness of this art are what make it stand out.

3 Piece Sets This is a common style in paintings and wall art. The arrangement can produce a cool effect. This can make the perfect floral wall decor.

Black And White – This style is also called monochrome. Such pieces reflect colors in shades of few colors, mostly light and dark gray. You won't even notice the presence of other colors if you're not keen. The monotony of two colors and shades drown out the others. Such would bring out the best in floral art.

Expressionist – Here, an artist uses art to express feelings. It's like telling a story through art. Excellent expressionists such as Claude Monet made some of the best pieces using this style. Expressionist floral canvas art is very popular.

What Type of Decor Styles Work Best With This Style Of Art?

Traditional – The classic vintage style. This style incorporates classic finishes, fine colors, and elegant fabrics. Floral home decor would go perfectly with style.

Modern – Let's take you back to the 19 and 20th centuries. Elegance, style, and class are what defined this style. The excellent color use will have you falling in love. We also can't overlook the exceptional finishes. Materials such as glass, steel, and metal are common here. Add some floral framed art to the walls, and it'll be complete.

Industrial – This style is urban loft and industrial-inspired. The distinctive element of rawness is what defines this style. Exposed bricks and woodworks are a common thing here. The timber, old ceilings, and elegant furniture bring the best of this style. Add some decor, and you'll be amazed.

Minimalist – This is the simplified version of the present-day style. It features cheap and simple yet classy furniture. It also incorporates neutral and airy color palettes. Everything is minimal, nothing in excess or overly flashy. Throwing in some floral room decor as the focal point would be an expert touch.

Transitional – This style incorporates elements of present-day and traditional styles. Its most notable aspect is the exceptional sense of balance. It combines such materials as glass and steel. The neutral color pallets will give you a calm and stylish look. Add some canvas paintings to make it sleek.

Where Is The Best Place To Hang This Type Of Art?

Living Room – Decorating your living room can be a little tricky. You have to maintain the right balance of elegance, comfort, and style. The furniture, walls, and accessories have to speak the same language. Throw in some floral prints to make the room warm, inviting, stylish, and sleek.

Kid's bedroom – Kids lead busy lives. They are in a constant state of either play or learning new things. Keeping a balance could be overwhelming. Make it easier for them by creating a warm, calming environment. Decorate their bedroom walls with some multi colored floral prints. They'll probably love it.

Large Walls – Bigger walls are often hard to decorate. Sometimes we just run out of ideas. Spread some love on your walls by adding a few flower pictures. It might just turn out to be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Stick to bright colors, though.

Study – You need a calm mind to get things done. Your reading, working, or meditation sessions will be better in a cozy environment. Decorating your walls can grant you just that. No space is complete without some art. It has a unique way of providing comfort to some people.

Porch – Spring is the perfect season for some outdoor activities. If you have one, spruce up your porch with some teal flowers. Green would blend well with the foliage and grass in the backyard.

Where to Get High Quality Canvas Art?

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