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Abstract Wall Art


Browse our extensive collection of Abstract Wall Art and decor. You are bound to find something that speaks to you!

Abstract Wall Art Related FAQ

Since abstract is one of the most misunderstood genres of art, we hear lots of questions about it. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive about this type of art.

What to Mix Abstract Wall Art With?

Complementary Objects - Select abstract artwork that includes colors that already exist in the area where you want to hang it. For example, let's say you want to hang it over your couch. Then you could make sure one of the tones in the wall art matches the color of your couch.

Modern Interior Design - Open spaces, high vaulted ceilings, and square everything. This works great with abstract wall decor. Your choice of artwork allows you to influence the emotions of everyone who enters the room.

More Abstract Visuals - That’s right, hanging abstract art in a room with more of it enhances the effect very well. The patterns always seem to find a way to coexist. You can even try and make a gallery wall.

Minimalist Aesthetic - The contrast between complex and simple is beautiful. A single abstract painting on an empty wall will certainly make it stand out.

Wall Mural - Have you ever seen a small abstract piece expertly placed on a complimentary wall mural? It is dazzling. Especially if the wall art and the mural have the same pattern. This makes the wall art acts as the focal point of the entire wall.

What is the Purpose of Abstract Art?

Art Appreciation - Abstract art is a genre of modern art, if you are an art lover, then you probably already knew that! Some of the most appreciated works in the world are abstract. This is one of the most popular art genres out there.

Cultural Appreciation - Do you love culture? Do you feel like you need to get some culture in your life ASAP? Either way, hanging a choice piece of artwork in your space is a great way to enhance your life. This way you will spend more time enjoying yourself.

Channel Energy & Feeling - This type of art is generally created with a purpose in mind. That is generally to provoke some sort of emotion in the viewer that is being expressed by the artist.

To Provoke Thought - Artwork conveys a feeling that provokes an emotion, then makes you ponder. Whatever that feeling is that you experience will make you think differently. Maybe this is great for remembering your philosophy or helps you to act a certain way when you are in a certain place.

To Beautify your Surroundings - Last but not least, abstract wall art is beautiful! That’s what makes it one of the most influential art types of all time. Art is meant to be enjoyed, appreciated, and used to enhance life. So that’s what we recommend you do with it!

What Makes A Good Piece?

Original Purpose - Abstract art was originally created to depict realistic things that have been reduced to their most basic structure. Nowadays, abstract art doesn’t need to resemble real objects as the expression of artists has become even more abstract.

Transcendence - Abstract art represents its own reality. The artwork should give the viewer a window into another world.

Emotion - What does the artwork tell you when you look at it? What feelings did the artist embed into the artwork? This is especially an important quality to look for when searching for abstract art for the living room.

Harmony - The colors should create harmony for the viewer. The colors don’t necessarily have to be complimentary. Hence the name abstract. They should work well with each other to create an effect though.

Texture - Abstract paintings are created in layers. Each layer is placed to add more significance to the work of art to convey more feeling to the viewer.

How to Arrange Abstract Art on a Wall

Next to Complementary Colors - It is very important to arrange abstract art next to objects that share colors or the same color pattern. Have you ever seen a lamp and furniture blended right with abstract wall art? If so then you know it's magnificent.

Large Wall - Large walls are the perfect place to display a piece of large abstract wall art. There is nothing more striking than a piece of wall art that is dominating the entire room.

Next to Abstract Furniture - When you combine abstract interior design with amazing wall hangings, magic happens. Create your abstract paradise of feeling and emotional provocation! You will never have a dull moment again!

By Itself - Alone in the middle of an empty wall, is often the best way to display this type of art. This allows it to become the centerpiece of the room for everyone who enters. This is also a very effective tactic to use with a 3 piece abstract wall art set.

Gallery Style - If you love art then why not get a bunch of abstract pieces of different sizes? Then you can arrange them on a wall together. This way you can always escape to your wall of art!

How To Choose Yours?

When it comes to all art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is important to consider where you want to hang the art and why you like it so much!

We have thousands of options when it comes to abstract wall art and decor. Shop today at Wall26, America’s favorite wall art store!