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an Adult Bald Eagle Grabs a Fish from The Water Early One Morning with a Big Splash Behind It as It Flies Away. - Removable Wall Mural | Self-Adhesive Large Wallpaper - 66x96 inches

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an Adult Bald Eagle Grabs a Fish from The Water Early One Morning with a Big Splash Behind It as It Flies Away. - Removable Wall Mural | Self-Adhesive Large Wallpaper - 66x96 inches

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • The wall mural is cut into 4 pieces for easy installation, each in 66"x24",total size is 66"x96" (Height x Width)
  • Very easy to apply, remove or reposition - Just PEEL & STICK!
  • Unique and one of a kind exclusive designs by Wall26, for installation on flat dry surfaces indoor/outdoor walls doors and even windows
  • Won't leave a mark when repositioned like other cheap stickers on the market, no residue left behind

Product made in USA with fast shipping. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

kista f.
Great image and the vinyl quality was great
Tracy P.
This wall paper is absolutely gorgeous. Transform your room as if you're in a tropical forest. I will warn you that it's not super easy to line up each time. At glance, no one will notice. We ended up getting it 100% perfect for the last panel, go figure.
I hung it as a triptych
There are a lot of reviews saying this is difficult to hang and, having hung another by myself, I would say it is challenging.
But the quality is great and I have found that you can just hang it in sections, with a few nails, with a 2 inch between panes and it looks great and is subsequently easy to move.
(ps - I hung only 3 panels because I use the fourth in a different area)
Looks great, and high quality paper. Putting it on wasn't that bad. The only thing that would add the last start is if they indicated what direction and order to put the panels on.
I gave this four stars, since, it has a tendency to unstick itself from the wall surface, especially from the top (down). It would be a good idea to use a small wood border on top to prevent it from peeling off, as well on the sides to finish off the look.
Please note: This is respectfully a peel and stick, removable surface mural, that is, once on, it can be removed without residue on the wall, however this indicates that the 'sticky stuff' used is not for permanent applications. However, if it sticks to itself it a major pain to release it without distorting or bubbling the image. I, was foolish enough to remove all the backing at once, and thought is was just a 'tacky' type of glue being used, oh my, what a stupid thing to do, it stuck to itself so hard, that it took me an hour to unstick it, but, in the process, I totally destroyed the flatness of it's design, it was pulled, stretched and bubbled so much, that I was not able to use it as a wall application, but, I used it for the door instead, since, the wall was not large enough for the entire picture to be seen. Be extremely careful, this may not be a one person job, as I foolishly found out.
However a small tip: Line it up straight on the wall starting at the middle, TAPE the top to the wall, so it does not move from side to side, and begin at the bottom, and release about a foot at a time, take a wide plastic 'putty knife' or something similar, and begin in the middle swiping the bubbles to the edges, after that, use a soft cloth and rub it so it sticks to the wall, and roll the underside up another foot or so, and repeat the process. This seems to be taking a long time, but, actually, it went so much fast, since, the amount of time spent of expelling the air underneath takes a very short time, about 30 seconds, per foot. Remember, carefully, diligently, and precisely, in other words, take you time.
Second note: Precaution, do not use the top or bottom edge to guide you mural, the pattern doesn't seem to be consistent from one roll to the next, so, one has to 'not cut' before lining it up, sometimes, the next mural will be higher or lower than the previous one's printing. So, line it up first, Tape the top so it doesn't move from side to side, and that trim the bottom first, and razor cut the top with a yard stick for a clean edge, using a razor knife, and then, after all rolls are installed, rub the each one with a soft cloth to ensure it's contact to the wall, then, by all means, secure the top portion with molding or even push pins to keep it from peeling down, this important, since, I've come home with half the mural down the wall, which, it stuck to itself, and cause some damage reinstalling it.
Overall: This product is quite beautiful, when it is on the wall, the colors are excellent and looks almost real, and adds much to a room, especially as small room, which seems to open it up so much more.
Amazon Customer
All perfect and very fast shipping
Captain Jack
Love it and very forgiving during installation. First attempt at using this product and learned a lot. Wish they made strips that could be used for oversized walls, I needed an extra 10" strip and had to do a patch work fit. Word of advice start your installation on the side of the wall that is not the side that you would enter the room so the seams are not visible.
Kindle Customer
I will admit that I was a bit nervous about installing this wall. I knew I'd have to do it by myself. I did go to Home Depot and purchased 5 important items. A good-sized bubble level, a wide putty spatula/paint guard, a step stool, a scrub brush, and a razor cutting tool. My total investment? About $32. I was concerned that my walls might have been too textured, and as a rental, I could not prep the walls by sanding. Oh, and I was lazy and didn't clean the wall either. Overall, many of my installation tips align with other users. Use at least a 2-3 inch "waste" at the ceiling level. This will allow you to more easily trim and will hide any "adjustments" you need to make to ensure alignment. The overlap does vary from panel to panel so make sure you align each panel prior to adhering to wall. I used the level each time a new panel was installed. I used the brush and my hand to affix the panels firmly and smoothly to the wall. When all the panels were done, I used the paint guard and razor to trim the waste on the top and bottom. Overall, it took me about 2.5 hours by myself. The effect is impressive and I'm extremely pleased with the result. I will agree with some of the other reviewers that a more busy pattern design is probably best as it can easily disguise any misalignment and/or mistakes. Now that my daughter's jungle room is complete, I will be purchasing a forest mural for my own bedroom!
freddie mae sims
It wonderful!!!
Lydia Fluitt
It was very easy to use. It was easy to reposition and it was easy to match the scenes. It's a great product
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