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Creation Of Adam by Michelangelo - Canvas Print

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Creation Of Adam by Michelangelo - Canvas Print

About Michelangelo’s Creation Of Adam

Interested in this Creation Of Adam canvas?

Michelangelo painted this masterpiece in 1512.

This work appears on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. The work portrays the Biblical creation story of Genesis where God brings Adam into existence.

The painting depicts God as an old bearded man flying in the air surrounded by angels. God is reaching out his hand toward Adam, who sits on the earth with his hand outstretched toward God.

The pai nting depicts God creating Adam in his own image.

You can still see this work on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel today!

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About The Creation Of Adam Canvas Print

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  • Prime canvas fabric and long-lasting anti-shrink frame.
  • Stretchers with 1.50” thickness to create an art gallery look.
  • USA based stretch, prep, and print operation.
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High-quality select frames only. Canvases stretched with wooden bars.

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About The Artist

Michelangelo was an Italian artist and architect during the Renaissance. He is especially revered for his sculptures. Michelangelo was a devout Catholic. He was eventually in charge of the construction of St. Peter's Basilica. Many consider him to be the ultimate renaissance man. He might be the most influential of all western artists.

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