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Customer Reviews - Gazing View of The Sky from The Inside...

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Love it so beautiful
My room is now a magical forest wonderland. The mural took longer than expected to ship, but once I received it I fell in love. The mural is a nice heavy vinyl and the print has about an inch of overlap on each of the four panels for easier installation. I am a renter, so I have just used tacking nails to hold it in place, but everyone who's seen it loves it.
Wasn't as easy to install, I purchase two sizes. Smaller one was easier., larger one came defective had to return and purchase another... but looks amazing once it's on the wall!
Beautiful design, but not that easy to install without bubbles and wrinkling.
This wall decal completed my son's room! It was pretty easy to put on the wall and turned out so well!
Looks great. But took me around 8 hours to put up, due to difficulty aligning the six sections with one another while removing wrinkles, and including maybe an hour of surface prep time.
Very nice, looks great.
Excellent product! Don't attempt without a buddy to help align just because it's hard to do solo, but the results are incredible!
good quality printing- however it does not stay on the wall. After hanging it we awoke the next morning to find it half off the wall and on the floor. We ended up framing it with molding to keep it attached to the wall.
Really easy to put up. Just need a laser level to start the first one. Started from the right and worked my way through. It does have overlapping panels. It is not messed up like I've read on some of the reveiws. It's not supposed to be edge to edge. It overlaps each panel. Start by taping it up where the top lines up and do that all the way down. After you get it positioned where it goes then peel the top back and work your way down!