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Customer Reviews - Gazing View of The Sky from The Inside...

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Love it! Very easy to install!
This turned out great. Heavy material, sticks without needing glue or nails.
I love this mural! Very happy with the way it looks. It was quite easy to apply, and seems to be sticking well, even though I have textured walls.
The alignment of the image is flawed. I bought this product for my daughter's bedroom, which is a relief because if I had purchased it for any common area in the house this would be a much different review. While the image is beautiful, the strips were cut wrong making it impossible to line the tree branches up from strip to strip. In order to align the branches that continue from one strip to the next, I would've had to put strip two about three inches higher than strip one. I chose to leave the strips even and keep the imperfection. In that area of the mural it appears that your looking at a 3D image without 3D glasses. It is noticeable enough that when I asked my 10 year old daughter what she thought, she replied that it was beautiful except for where the branches don't line up!
Wasn't exactly accurate as far as measurements but the picture makes up for it. Adhesive could be better too
Absolutely love it!!! It's a must buy! Wow! So many compliments! Did it by myself! Super simple to do too!
Shipment arrived as promised and quick.
Easy install, completed alone in 3hrs.
Photo quality wasn't as good as expected- some branches weren't in focus and some features seemed over-edited. Wish I had noticed it on the left most panel before I started, else I'd have excluded that one- I had about 12" overage and could have cut off the over-exposed piece. Also, the material is thick enough so that the drywall texture only pokes through minimally, in fact it lends the tree bark texture. Anyway, the entire mural is beautiful and I would buy it again.
The subject of this mural is really beautiful and I'm very happy with my purchase. I've been wanting to do something like this with this alcove ever since we purchased our home and moved in several years ago but I could never find just the right photo. This one looks lovely both day and night. I also purchased a battery operated, remote controlled, dimmable accent light which I placed on the ceiling to shine down on the mural at night. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars was that the "sticky" is just that, VERY sticky. When putting it up, be careful of it trying to stick to itself and whatever is around. I foresee NO chance of this peeling away from the wall. I've wallpapered many times before and found this a bit more difficult to work with because of the "sticky" back. However I finally got the panels up and am satisfied. If I ever purchased another one, I think I might have someone help me which may have made the process easier.
This was not too hard to install and looks great.
Exactly what I was expecting.