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It was what I wanted
I love it !!!!! this one addes spacial depth in my new apartment i only wish I would have gone one size up to fill the whole wall but with a 50$ price difference I still love it like it is !!!
Have had help and the top edging does not meet with the side design at all points. I chose to do the side since I have such a long wall but now a crown molding is definitely needed to make up for the gaps.
I love how it turned out. Looks beautiful for my daughter's room who has anxiety and wanted something peaceful
Looks nice but has been up for a weeek and the seams are starting to show
really changed the feel of my room
Very detailed and great quality product. Good colors and makes any room stand out . . .
Looks gorgeous but after about 2 days completely fell down causing all the strips to stick together, I ended up nailing it up to make sure it couldn't fall down again but it's still bubbling where it's not properly adhering to the wall.
If you can make it stay up there it's really, REALLY gorgeous though the fact I have to rub it back onto the wall daily doesn't bother me that much because it's so pretty. I get a lot of compliments on it too... at least I know it doesn't damage the wall either!
Though the one they sent me was beautiful, it wasn't what I ordered. My mother drove two hours to help me put it up only to discover it was the beach scene and not the birch wood forest 2. I was refunded 99% and I ordered a new one. The quality of the product is great and installation looked simple. When I called the actual company it sent me to a voicemail where no one returned my call. Any who......I finally got the correct one. I really love it. It is of great quality. You should know that each panel overlaps about an inch. That helps. Take your time. The material is forgiving and allows you to unstick and restick a few times. Use a dry washcloth and wipe the middle down and out as you have someone peel from the bottom. Start from ceiling to floor.
While this was a PAIN IN THE bottom to put up with one person, it's beautiful! I'm not allowed to nail anything to my walls so this removable sticker is perfect for my wall :) I have a small dinning room so couldn't use all 6 pannels and The image isn't quite as sharp as I wish it was but you can't tell unless you are standing within 6 ft. It's so beautiful! Beware if you have any small amount of paint chipping. It will take it off as you go to reposition it.