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turned out beautiful
This product is amazing. When i installed this onto my wall the entire room is changed. I installed this with my frind and it was quite easy. I never expected that this will be easy. It came with 6 different sheets amd the sheets are high quality and smooth. It will not leave any residue, which i like most. Of all, its so easy to install. I would suggest to do with two people. One more good feature is that for one of the sheet i have to remove due to some adjustments and it came very easily. I would strongly revommend this wall paper. Thank you
This was easy enough to install and I personally think the image looks great for the price. It look me about an hour to put it up, but if I did it again I would be much faster. Do not expect to just put this up very fast. It takes time to line everything up, but it is time well spent. I recommend watching a couple youtube videos to get an idea for a strategy on installing. I simply typed in wall26 on youtube and found enough videos.
I am satisfied with this product and when I move to my next place I will be purchasing another mural.
well...I researched quite a bit and didn't have ANY experience in anything like this. By reading the reviews I decided Wall 26 had the best reviews and price. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It is everything and more than I expected. It was a great price. It is easy to install..even with one person and a small step ladder.I am glad people wrote reviews with instructions, because that would be my only negative. It doesn't come with any directions. I followed someone that said if you are right handed start on the right. I laid it out on the floor to make sure they were the correct picture pieces and then got busy. All in all it took about 2 hours and it looks fantastic!! Thank you wall 26. I will be purchasing again and high recommending to everyone :)
Print was much clearer than the rocky waterfall print that was ordered. We can actually put this one on the wall.
This is an awesome setup. I think its amazing and done rightit looks amazing. Everyone that has seen it loves it.. In the pic thats a queen size bed so it is very large..
The hardest part of this project was deciding which print to purchase, if you have ever hung wallpaper it is a snap to put up if you had trouble in the past with one of these murals with images not lining up the trick is sometimes you have to overlap these panels for alignment butt to butt, panel panel will not cut it, look for the repeat in the pattern and line it up with that image, wish I could upload a photograph of the seams would be easier than trying to explain. Update, be sure to avoid excessive Heat from fireplaces or heat registers they can cause the mural to come loose.
This is an amazing product. We installed in about 2 1/2 hours. Our walls were not perfectly flat but the sticky back was strong enough to stick to our walls. We were amazed at how well we like it and how easy it was to install. I would definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to change up their room.
The picture itself is good, and it looks pretty good after all is said and done. But there were some issues with whoever the manufacturer is. 1) it came with zero instructions
2) it came with creases already in some of the panels
3) the pictures didn't match up in some places
4) there were labels on the bottom that were made a part of the decal and had to be cut off (not so awesome when you're going for straight lines. cutting = risk)
5) From far away the picture looks great, but close up it's fuzzy and you can see where the places don't line up. There are chunks of the picture missing, it seems, between the panels.
Overall, if I were to do this again I would get a similar picture and decal but from a different manufacturer.
All we can say is, WOW! Now, it wasn't floor to ceiling for our area, but it was perfect none-the-less. It has an extremely strong adhesive on the back, and there was only one piece that was just a quarter inch longer than the other pieces (which we easily trimmed off after it was on the wall). This is a beautiful image with great clarity, and easy to line up with the overlapping designed in each panel. We get a lot of compliments on it.