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Unbelievable Artisanship, Premium Creation, Wallpaper Large Wall Mural Series ( Starry Night)

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Unbelievable Artisanship, Premium Creation, Wallpaper Large Wall Mural Series ( Starry Night)

    Amazon Customer
    Oh my goodness! This mural is absolutely gorgeous. Our daughter just moved into the former master bedroom and wanted something to make the room "her's". After lengthy discussions about painting a mural, we decided to take a chance and perchase this. I am so glad we did!
    First, let me say that it is in 4 pieces. Like any picture split into multiple units it takes patience to line up. Second, the back is sticky. How else do you expect it to stay on your wall? If you try to rush it or do not line things up from the beginning then you are in for a troublesome install. Third, slowly smooth the panels onto the wall from the bottom up and from the center out. This helps eliminate bubbles.
    Panel one was super easy to put up. Panel 2 was our learning piece. After lots of screaming, tears and some slammed doors, my daughter and I realized we couldn't work together. I realized what we were doing wrong - rushing. I fixed panel 2 and was able to install 3 & 4 by myself with the help of an office chair. The entire process - including fight - took 3 hours.
    The finished product is amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone. Best of all, my husband and I didn't have to paint this mural on her wall ourselves! Plus, she was able to move into the room the same day instead of waiting for us to finish painting.
    John S
    This vinyl mural is beautiful. We purchased it to use in my daughter's room (her request). The only challenges we had were due to crooked walls and deciding which portion of the mural to trim off.
    H. Stitt
    The print on this was fabulous and it looks fantastic. However, the instructions did not specify that it was designed for each panel to overlap a wee bit and I did not discover this until putting up the 3rd panel (there are 4). It would have made installation much easier and would have eliminated a line down the center since I worked from the inside out. It is a great piece still and we get many compliments on it, great way to fill up a wall! Would recommend it.
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