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Removable Wall Sticker Wall Mural Majestic Sunset in the Forest Creative Window View Wall Decor

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    The bridge looks great on my wall but it was HARD to put up. It definitely requires two people and definitely took the paint off on the wall underneath ?. It took maybe about an hour to get this up, so it was time consuming and there are a few bubbles, but you can only spot them if you're inspecting the wall.
    I also wish the instructions weren't on the bottom of the mural. It was very difficult to cut it off of the bottom after the piece was already on the wall and the instructions made no mention of having to cut it off the bottom.
    really cool
    It was beautiful at first, but almost instantly, it began to bubble and within a few weeks, it fell down completely. I have slightly textured walls, so that might have been the problem. I had very high hopes and was disappointed that it didn't stick.
    Good wallpaper
    Great product, I found that to get perfect seams you need to make a tape hinge at the top of each strip and work down from there.
    The wall covering really changed the look of the room but I bought it March 16th. Installed it on the 17th and parts of it fell off the wall on March 30th. To the point it stuck to itself and crumbled. I spent a lot of money on this to only last a few weeks.
    Extremely difficult to do.
    No directions or Tips came with it, I had to go online to figure out the tricks. After the second panel sticker I figured out, use painters blue tape.
    With help put the panel on the wall and line it up perfectly. “Overlap it with the first panel around an inch. Using the tape mark where goes, pieces of tape on both panels and draw a line across the tape. When you start peeling off the backing it makes it a lot easier to lineup. I don’t understand why they don’t do something like this at the factory. Getting the bubbles out his damn near impossible.
    Great product. The images are vivid. I ordered 2, and cut & hung them on the inside of my garage door. Easy to adjust and smooth out any mistakes in hanging.
    It wasn’t that difficult to install. It was hard to get the image lined up exactly. We tried to overlap it just right and we would have part of it lined up perfectly but other parts didn’t match up. I almost think it’s the way the image was printed and cut into the panels. It’s not something too noticeable unless you look closely at the image.its not perfect, but it does look nice. Another thing was that when I lined it up, each panel seemed to start lower than the one next to it. I started from the right (panel 6) first, because my ceiling was lower on the left and I had to cut it.
    OMG What a nightmare to install. Gave up after the first panel was nothing but wrinkles. I could see there was no chance of getting the other 3 panels properly matched in place without looking like crap. Unlike some others I was able to get the one panel off without damaging my drywall. Moving to plan b.
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