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Monet Wall Art FAQ

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Who was Claude Monet?

International Artist - Claude Monet is one of the world's most sought after artists. The France-born artist lived between 1840 and 1926. His works are part of many galleries in museums worldwide. He traveled through the Mediterranean painting landscapes, landmarks, and seascapes.

Nature Painter -Exceptional Claude Monet artwork was nature-inspired. His notable works, include Sunrise, Beach in Pourville, and Sunset. He was very focused on portraying nature. His love for nature birthed masterpieces like the lily pad flower painting. He painted from real-time scenes and people.

Landscape Enthusiast - Claude had an eye for landscaping projects. His biggest landscaping projects became the inspiration behind some of his masterpieces. Such includes the Japanese bridge: a project that took up to 20 years.

Charcoal Artist - Claude was famous among the locals for his charcoal caricatures. People would buy them for 10 to 20 Francs from Le Havre Secondary School of Arts. These were among his first works.

Military Service - Claude served in the military for seven years in Algeria. His then prosperous father would have bought his exemption had he given up painting. But, he didn't. His aunt later agreed to remove him from military service on condition that he enrolled at an art school.

What are Monet's most famous paintings?

Impression Sunrise - This famous 1872 painting made Moet's French Impressionism art movement famous. France had lost to Prussia in a war. Claude used the painting to depict the harbor of Le Havre. Perhaps, a meaning of hope and regeneration. The red sun and sailboat are the focal points in the painting.

The water lily pond - this 1899 work of Monet art traces its roots in Giverny. The painting depicted Monet's flower garden. This Monet painting was part of the water lilies collection, which had 250 oil paintings. The paintings are an eye-opener to nature's magnificent diversity. They are especially popular nowadays in triptych form.

The Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son - This 1875 piece is one of the earliest Monet art prints. The painting depicts his first wife and elder son, Jean. And, well, the family portrait is a masterpiece. This painting shows them in an outdoor setting on a picnic.

The Houses of Parliament - The series depicts Westminster Palace, the home of the British Parliament. Claude made the paintings at different times of the day. He painted from a window in St Thomas' Hospital. The series contains 19 paintings showing the buildings under varied weather conditions.

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk - Monet made this piece in 1908 when he traveled to San Giorgio. He found the city beautiful. Claude finished the painting from his hotel room, capturing the Island church and the colorful skies. He used thinner strokes and depicted light and seaside water movement.

What Is The Style Of Monet Prints?

Use of light - Monet's love for natural light is unconditional. In several paintings, he notes the reaction between light and different paint colors. He uses natural daylight to illuminate parts of the Green Dress painting. He paid particular attention to the skin color and the background of the bright room. The presence of light isn't obvious to the viewer, but its effects on images are visible.

Brushstroke - Claude relies on brush strokes to give the light a new level of realism. He focuses on showing the reflective power of the sun in the darkened ocean or other natural areas. He demonstrated this when painting the autumn effect at Argenteuil. Poplars in the Sun and Poplars on the River Epte also showcase this.

Color Palette - Monet had a special thing for colors. We can link this to his light prowess. He loved depicting color in his pieces at different times of the day. His use of watercolor drew criticisms of his works. He even began losing eyesight due to the effects of heavy color use.

Repetitive - Monet would do different prints on canvas until he got a perfect image. Most of his masterpieces are part of a series. He spent the whole day and a few days demonstrating the quality of light in his works. Monet devoted the period before his death to painting his floral garden and lily pond.

Perspective - Monet's love for light never ended. His art grew as he sought to find even more ways of depicting the natural light in his paintings. In the Haystacks series, he paints ordinary haystacks from different angles and lighting. The results are amazing.

How Did Monet Change Art?

A Scientific Approach to Painting - Monet's recordings and canvas art were accurate. Unlike other artists, he painted what he saw instead of how the images 'were supposed to appear.' This approach also helped him showcase the movement of light on different forms.

Emphasis on Color - Monet's heavy color use brought out the best in artistic work during his time, and even now. He was so accurate in his color use. His impressionistic work inspired generations.

Excellence - Oil paint art cracks over time, especially if the paint isn't applied well. But that isn't the case with Claude's works. His were giclee on canvas. To date, his paintings are still up in galleries with no sign of cracks. The fabric and material contracts and expand with the changing weather.

Impressionist Approach - Monet used his paintings to express his feelings. His excellent use of light and color brought out this perfectly. It made him stand out among artists in his time, and now. His inspiration brought such works as the La Promenade and Ballerina. Many modern artists are also creating reproductions focusing on Monet replicas.

Focus on Landscapes - Monet canvas prints of landscapes are adorable. He traveled widely, capturing different scenes, which are among his famous works. Other artists also adopted this over time.

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