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Check out the best selection of Banksy Wall Art decor around. Celebrate the legacy of the world-famous artist with a Banksy canvas or framed print!

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Banksy Canvas Art Prints FAQ

Do you want to decorate your space with some Banksy art prints but have some questions? That's very normal, it's great to know more about the art you are buying!

We asked our home decorating experts to help out. They found the most popular questions on this topic and the answers. Here's what they said:

Who Is The Street Artist Banksy?

International Art Sensation - Banksy is one of the most famous artists in the world today. His identity is completely anonymous. The consensus about Banksy is that he is English, male, great at art, opinionated, and wealthy.

Street Artist - First off, Banksy is a street artist. That means Banksy Wall Art finds its roots in his street art. He leaves breathtaking thought-provoking graffiti in major cities all over the world. He aims to spread a message and provoke social change.

Vandal - One overlooked fact about Banksy is that a lot of what he does (street art and graffiti art) is not legal. This is one of the most believed reasons for why he keeps his identity a secret.

Political Activist - Banksy's art has meaning. Oftentimes, this is a political message or significance. He oftentimes is very critical of war and also tries to stand up for those he sees as marginalized by society. If you share his viewpoints, then remind yourself why daily by hanging a Banksy art print on your wall!

Film Director - One little known fact about Banksy is that he is a multi-talented artist. It's not confirmed, but he claims to have directed the documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop. It was even nominated for an Academy Award.

What Does Banksy's Art Mean?

Criticizes Society - If you analyze Banksy’s art for even a second, his feeling is obvious. He disapproves of the current state of the world. Through his artwork, he often attempts to make his case for people to agree with him. If you agree, then why not hang up some controversial Banksy canvas prints?

Stay True To Yourself - In many of Banksy's works of art he advocates for people to follow their hearts and dreams. He makes it clear that he also believes people are wrong when they surrender. It appears he believes that society also pressures many individuals to do so. He is someone who followed their dreams and believes others should do the same.

Self-Expression - Banksy has several famous pieces where the subject is expressing themselves. One of his famous pieces, Better Out Than In, shows a silhouette regurgitating flowers. Another work of art known as Banksy’s Rat asks, “i'm out of bed and dressed, what more do you want?”

Hope - One of the most common themes seen in Banksy artwork is, as we quote him “there is always hope.” On the whole, his artwork proves that he has faith in the world to develop into what he sees as best.

Modesty - Oftentimes his artwork will say things like, “Remember Where You Came From.” It appears he is expressing his belief that people like himself of great wealth should be modest. This theme is also seen in Banksy’s Robot Artwork, as he alludes to the potential of AI to dominate humanity.

Why Is Banksy's Art Important?

Challenges Perceptions - Bansky’s art is the opposite of subtle. He wants to throw in your face what he believes are the major issues in society. His art style screams for people’s attention. His goal is to make the viewer think about his message. He makes this clear in his work featuring the thinking monkey.

Secrecy - As mentioned above, no one knows who Banksy is. It is often speculated that this is because he commits vandalism. His endeavors likely wouldn't have such an impact without keeping his identity secret. It’s worth noting that the media accused a man named Robin Gunningham of being Banksy many times.

Street Art - Banksy is above all, a street artist. He uses spray paint to leave his mark on public places all around the world. From America to Europe to the Middle East to Hong Kong. He operates under the cover of night. He often creates his art in heavily guarded places. Celebrate it with your own Banksy prints on canvas!

Philanthropy - Banksy advocates for those who he feels society marginalizes. He seeks to convince society to see what he believes are injustices, and thus to have them remedied. Banksy is crying out in many of his works, such as Slave Labour, Parking, No Ball Games, and Surveillance.

For The Sake of Art - Banksy has been one of the most iconic and admired contemporary artists since the 90s. For many people born during this period, he is the definition of what an activist artist is. This is the main reason why Banksy wall art and paintings are so popular. He has made lots of different works.

For Fun - Banksy loves to use different styles in his artwork. He also seems to have a sense of humor. His use of animals like dogs and cats allows him to humanize himself in the eyes of the public. Especially when he makes pop culture references. Some of his most popular wall art reproductions feature the sayings “I Am Your Father” and “Blank Walls Are Criminal.”

What Is Banksy's Most Famous Piece Of Art?

Girl With Balloon - Also known as Banksy’s “There Is Always Hope.” This is quite possibly one of Banksy's most famous pieces of art. It shows a little girl letting go of a balloon. The child’s hand is reaching for a heart-shaped balloon that is drifting away. This work appeared in London and symbolizes hope.

Rage The Flower Thrower - A nickname for this piece isLove Is In The Air.” This iconic work of street art first appeared in Jerusalem, on the border of Palestine. It is very controversial. It depicts a man who is protesting by throwing flowers, where one would normally expect a molotov cocktail.

Panda With Guns - This work of art features a cartoon Panda holding guns. The image depicts the dichotomy of a cute animal holding dangerous weapons. Banksy is likely alluding to the dangerous capabilities of the seemingly harmless if they feel pushed. This piece has also become one of the most popular pieces of stick em up wall art in recent years.

Follow Your Dreams, Cancelled - It’s obvious that Banksy is a person who followed his dreams and achieved big. This work appeared in Boston. Banksy shows a dejected man stamping the word “Canceled,” over the words “Follow Your Dreams.”

Sweeping It Under The Carpet - Also known as Banksy’s Maid. This piece is in Chalk Farm, England and shows a maid named Leita or Leanne sweeping dirt under a carpet. Many speculate Banksy is expressing his belief that powerful people ignore humanity's problems. This piece as Banksy canvas art is particularly popular with young people.

Mona Lisa Bazooka - This work of art is also the product of shocking contrast. This piece features exactly what's in its name, the Mona Lisa (graffiti art style) holding what appears to be either a bazooka, rocket launcher or machine gun. This most certainly is Banksy expressing his anti-war views.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Art?

Look no further than our Banksy Wall Art prints collection. Here you will find a wide assortment of different pieces for sale. Perfect for the bedroom or any other space!

In general, you should hang the art that speaks to you in your space. Invite family and friends to shop at Wall26!