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Dog Art FAQ

Do you love dogs and want to use them in your home decor but have no idea where to start? You are not alone.

We discovered some common questions people have when searching for this style of art. We have done our best to answer them below:

What Do Dogs Symbolize In Art?

Loyalty - We have all heard it,” dog is man’s best friend.” What's more, these animals are known for being loyal. If they accidentally run away, they always try to come home. They will remember you and love you. They won't judge you when you are at your worst, they are your friend until the end.

Friendship - This animal is known for being a loyal companion, as stated above. When you see a dog in artwork, it can often mean friendship. This is because, to some people, this animal symbolizes the ideal friend. One you can truly be yourself in front of without ever having to worry about what they think of you.

Protection - For thousands of years, humans have used dogs to help keep them and their families safe. This tradition continues all over the world today. Dogs will always protect its owner and home. Oftentimes, when a dog is present in artwork, especially a large dog, this is what it is representing.

Alertness - Dogs are used to keep watch because they have keen senses. Have you ever seen a guard dog lying down? In a split second, they can spring into action. This was especially characteristic of what a dog could symbolize in renaissance artwork during the 14th to 16th centuries.

Happiness - This animal is known for being very happy. When they get excited they wag their tails. They also can cheer up very easily. Have you have ever seen a puppy who is down in the dumps? Then they see a ball to chase and their disposition changes in an instant. This is a quality we can hope to imitate in our own lives. Remind yourself of this with some beautiful dog wall art!

What Breeds of Dog Are Best In Art?

Any - First of all, art is open to interpretation. Any breed can be used in art and look fantastic while presenting some deep symbolism. So let’s not allow anyone to pretend that artwork can only consist of certain breeds. However some breeds seem to pop up in popular art more consistently.

Boxer Dog Art - Lots of families keep boxers as guard animals. Although they have this reputation, boxers are usually friendly animals that wouldn't harm a fly. Put this dog breed art on the wall to remember you can be big and strong, but you can still be kind and friendly to those important to you.

Bulldog Art - People love bulldogs. Muscular and hefty dog. They are important in English culture and have long been associated with their leaders and with determination. Despite the bulky appearance, Bulldogs are known for being kind animals, which is why people love them.

Golden Retriever Art - This is one of America’s favorites. They are such kind, happy, and loyal animals, just looking at them can put you in a great mood. Having these animals on your wall will tell people you are a nice person. After all, how could a person with a soul not love golden retrievers?

Pitbull Art - Despite their controversial reputation, people love Pitbulls. They are without a doubt, very powerful creatures. Even though there is controversy surrounding them, many people believe them to be the kindest and loyal of all. For this reason they have a large group of admirers.

Where To Hang Dog Wall Decor?

Bathroom - Hanging dog wall art in the bathroom is a common practice. This is because it is fun to have different rooms in a house that have their own vibe. For some people, it's not practical to decorate a large room in their house with dog art, but the bathroom is a small space where they can usually get away with it.

Bedroom - If you love dogs then why not wake up to a room full of them every day? If you’re reading this then there is a good chance you wake up to real dogs every day already. How about also on your walls. Imagine waking up to even more happy loving faces that put you in a great mood! After all, who doesn't love more dogs?

Playroom - Dogs are probably the most popular animal in the world. Kids love them too. If you are raising your children to love these animals, then why not introduce them to all sorts of different breeds? Dogs can sure help people to be a lot happier in life, might as well start them out young as dog lovers.

Family Room - Are you a family of animal lovers? Is there a specific breed that you generally raise? Maybe your family always has had a lab or a poodle. Is the type of breed you love a part of your family tradition? If so, then put it on the wall in the living room so when your guests meet your dog, there is also a photo of their breed on the wall.

Study or Office - Do dogs make you feel calm? You’re not alone. Do their images on the wall help you to relax? Or maybe, you want to put a large elegant dog right above your desk in your office. This will show your coworkers and guests what kind of a person you are (and also remind you that there's more to life than work).

What Are Art Styles To Choose From?

Contemporary - This is a style of art that everyone loves. These are the interpretations from the present day that use the styles that are popular now. Look for large friendly dog heads and bright colors. This style of art is easy to make interesting and people love it. A go-to style of wall art for dog lovers.

Personified - Presenting dogs exhibiting the behaviors of people. or at least giving them human qualities. This can include funny images of dogs with hats and glasses. There is even a famous series of dog wall art called Dogs Playing Poker, which features them sitting at tables playing cards.

Whimsical - This isn't an art style per se, but dogs sure are fun! There are tons of works of art featuring them acting silly. Whimsical dog art can put you in a great mood. This is the ideal type of art to put in the room of a small child or a preschool classroom.

Vintage - Vintage dog art is one of the most popular types of art. It is generally accepted in the art community that if something is made to look over 20 years old, it can be vintage. There are so many varieties available you are bound to find something you love in our collection of dog wall decor for sale.

Nursery - There are a lot of dog prints made just for children and toddlers. This type of art usually features cartoon style and animated animals. There are so many sweet themes for your child, animal-themed is a very popular style you can consider for a baby’s room. Not just featuring dogs, but all sorts of animals.

What Art Should You Buy For Your Space?

The answer to that question is whatever you want! It should make you happy. At the end of the day, decor rules mean nothing if you don't love your space.

So if you want to decorate with some dog wall art then make it happen! Shop with Wall26 today!