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Fruit Wall Art


Our collection of Fruit Wall Art will leave you astonished. We offer an attractive range of fruit wall decor that can spruce up your place!

Fruit Wall Decor FAQ

This organic wonder can be explored from many different angles! Art containing fruit can include references to culture, society and so much more. So, let's dive into the world of fruit art!

What Can Fruit Symbolize in Art?

Vitality - They pass through different stages of development like other living beings. The fresh ones represent fertility and vitality. Just like the energetic body in youth, fruits give a sparkling, zestful, and spirited vibe.

Mortality - Passing through the initial and ripening state, it goes towards decay. Portraying the decaying stage in fruit artwork points towards the mortality of living beings. Just like we are born, and then gradually proceed towards our death. So, their decaying stage can symbolize mortality.

Garden of Eden - In the Biblical Book of Genesis, there is a connection of Adam and Eve with Figs. They are believed to cover their bodies with these leaves. So, this fruit canvas is linked with the Garden of Eden. Moreover, in other cultures, it is associated with the class of drunkenness, wine, and lustful gods.

Sweetness - The majority of them are sweet. However, one among them explicitly is the sign of sweet character i.e., cherry. So, no wonder why religious symbols are often holding them in fruit prints. Moreover, these are also associated with the sweetness of paradise!

What Scenes With Fruit Are Featured In Art?

Water - Some say that just by seeing water they feel an instant freshness. On the other hand, colorful fruits also look so refreshing. Sometimes, these themes are combined in fruit canvas art. Such paintings are especially popular as fruit art prints because of the coolness they trigger. Just imagine a combination of fresh fruits with water splashes!

Greenery - Green is a color of happiness. No wonder why so many people crave greenery to find peace. Moreover, we get organic produce from these refreshing plants. Sometimes, it is blurred in fruit wall decor as a background fixture. The sky is also featured in the background to give it a more natural feel.

Wine - The relation of grapes with wine is inseparable. So, they are often

portrayed together in wall art canvas. But, this combination is not just confined to them. Artists paint red wine with other fruits as well.

Dance - Seeing multiple vibrant colors in fruit wall art is invigorating. Mainly, dancing fruit artwork prints are joyful. Such scenes could make boring kitchen activities fun.

Salad - Some people think parties remain incomplete without a fruit salad. The same is the case with fruit art. Salad bowls filled with sparkling colors look great. Moreover, such decor gives the vibe of purity because these things come from the earth.

Where is The Best Place To Hang This Type Of Art?

Kitchen - The Kitchen without appealing colors of organic produce looks dull. Anyhow, the fruit basket in your kitchen may get empty. Yet, fruit wall decor for the kitchen would always be present around you. So, choose amazing fruit pictures for the kitchen. Fruit decor for the kitchen is available in different sizes and shapes. Choose the one that looks good in your space.

Kids - So many people prefer junk food to organic food. Maybe having fruit on the wall will help your children favor it over junk food. By doing so, it would program their minds to consume nutritious food.

Juice Bar - Businesses which are selling fresh juices could hang juice pictures. It not only creates a pleasant ambiance but also reflects your energetic ingredients.

Colorful Room Settings - Fruit home decor goes well with a bright room setting. If you have chosen lively colors like red, green, or yellow, etc., then go for it. It can look so refreshing!

Organic Bakery/Restaurant - If you use organic produce in baking or cooking items, take pride in it. You could show your unique selling point in the form of fruit framed art.

What Aspects Are Featured In This Type Of Art?

End Products - The products made up of fruits are often featured in this type of art—for example, wine, juices, or salad, etc. So, not only them but the products in which they play a vital role are also featured.

Micro Details - How wonderful they look when cut up. Their inner shape, texture, and different color shades might leave us speechless. These details are also shown in this artwork.

Religious Connectivity - As we have discussed above, fruits are associated with religious beliefs as well. So, many times this connectivity is shown in religious artwork.

Still Life - Still life arts mainly contain fruits and flowers. Objects contrasting with them enhance artwork beauty exceptionally well.

Carving - Talented carpenters carve fruit so well and transform wood into beautiful objects. You can capture a similar decor vibe by using faux wood framed wall art.

Where to Get High Quality Canvas Wall Art Prints?

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