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Sunflower Wall Art


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Sunflower Canvas Art FAQ

Are you a sunflower enthusiast and worried about getting the right art? Worry no more, for we asked our home decor experts how to do it right. Here is what they had to say about this type of wall art decor.

What Can Sunflowers Symbolize in Art?

Happiness – Van Gogh was famous for his sunflower paintings. He loved the color yellow and saw it as a sign of joy. Besides, from ancient times, the yellow color was an emblem of friendship. He painted the flower at a time when he had hope. The painting can be a great gift you can give someone as they can be a source of joy. Hence their use on joyous occasions like weddings, graduations, and birthdays.

Spiritual – Sunflowers look like they are worshipping the sun. This is because they bloom facing the sun. It is evident during its movement across the sky every day. People associate this with how some religions view their God. As a result, people see the flower as being spiritual.

Longevity – The flower takes months to fully bloom. It endures the hottest weather during that time. Apart from its beauty, it’s known for its usefulness. For this reason, it can nurture and nourish others. The ancient Chinese royal families used to eat the flower because they believed it increased their lifespan. Also, they see it as a sign of good fortune for new beginnings.

Provision - Hunter gatherers used the flowers as a natural source of food. They crushed their seeds into flour to make bread. Also, people can use their seeds to make cooking oil. Nowadays, people sell sunflower oil. Also, the flowers provide nutrition seeds.

Peace and Hope – Sunflowers can absorb toxic elements and radiation from the soil. Through this, we can maybe have a radiation-free world. In 1996, it was selected as a sign of world peace. Besides, it is a symbol of hope since people can look forward to a better future.

What Are The Different Types of Sunflower Art?

Yellow sunflowersThe yellow painting brightened Van Gogh’s days when depression struck. The flower gave him perpetual happiness. Besides, the yellow and blue colors reminded him of his childhood memories.

Mutant Sunflowers“mutant” brings up images of superheroes and weird creatures. Scientists say that Van Gogh’s “teddy bear” sunflowers are genetic mutants. Cross-breeding the various types of flowers and mapping their genetics have helped in understanding mutations.

Skyscraper – they are among the tallest flowers, growing between 12 and 14 feet. They require two to three weeks to germinate - a good project for kids, right? They need lots of sunshine and water in nutrient-dense soil. It’s common to see this type of flower in art.

Russian Mammoth – This is another massive sunflower. Seen frequently in art. This plant needs to grow in an area where it is protected from the wind to hinder its large flowers from a storm. It’s well known by pollinators like bees and butterflies. Also, the birds and squirrels eat the flower’s seeds.

Italian White – It is a heavy pollinating plant. It produces flowers with dark chocolate brown faces. The petals are a bit spaced up, slender, and cream in color. When planted with the red sunflower varieties, they are even more appealing. They also need lots of sunshine and well-draining soil for a conducive growth environment.

Where Is The Best Place To Hang This Type of Art?

Living Room – Many people love looking at sunflower art. It can bring joy, love, and peace to you and your loved ones. You can consider having 3-piece sunflower wall art in your living room. These paintings can make your home full of life and vitality.

Study Room – Studying and passing exams is an uphill battle for most people. But with sunflower prints in your study room, you might be more motivated to keep reading. This is because art gives you hope for a bright future ahead. Besides, Sunflowers are a symbol of intelligence.

Office – Sunflower artwork for your office can communicate a variety of things to your clients and coworkers. Through art, you develop a passion for your work. This ensures perfection in all you do. Also, it teaches you to endure work hardships believing that you will emerge victorious.

Bedroom – Your bedroom wall decor can have several sunflower pictures. This helps create a unique gallery-style wall.

What Type of Decor Styles Work Best With This Style of Art?

Blac k and White Decor - Adding sunflower decor to black & white portrays contemporary and stylish artwork that is ideal for your home space. The sunflower painting can be an excellent gift to your family, relatives and friends.

Modern Decor – Sunflower wall decor can be ideal for your bedroom or kitchen. Canvas art uses waterproof sunfast materials and eco-friendly paint. This helps ensure that it is of high quality and can last a long time. It gives your sunflower room decor a chic interior design look.

Rustic Decor – If you have a minimal style rustic decor, sunflower canvas art can become the focal point of your space. The technique can be an excellent way to spruce up your room decor because of its brilliant color. Its bright natural color makes it an ideal wall hanging for the setting.

Abstract Decor – An abstract sunflower canvas will revive and energize your home. Its unique appearance will liven up your space.

Where To Get High Quality Canvas Wall Art Prints?

Are you worried about the best place to purchase sunflower wall art? Look no further, for we are here for you. At Wall26, we have different varieties of sunflower art prints for sale. You can easily find the specific print that best suits your sunflower home decor.