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Dragon Wall Art


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Banksy Canvas Art Prints FAQ

Check out some of the top questions that true aficionados have about our dragon wall art collection.

What Can Dragons Symbolize in Art?

Strength and Prowess - Dragons are pretty symbolic as far as art is concerned. Their first uses date back to ancient China. At that time, the locals developed an affinity for the masculine strength depictions of dragons.

Benevolence - Dragons are also seen as symbols of benevolence, with their connections to rain and water. Many old religions and cultures believed that they could control rain and improve the harvest. This belief further reinforces their appeal in Chinese dragon wall art. This characteristic is not obvious to everyone but is a key reason why dragon wall decor is so popular.

War - You can also find dragon wall art symbolizing war and conflict. While it isn’t necessarily a symbol of immediate conflict, it shows a readiness for such. People have used dragon art to show strength and a possible propensity to react to conflict for centuries.

Dragon Appreciation - In some cases, you will find dragon canvas art in appreciation of dragons. Since these animals are fictional, some people use dragon canvas art to illustrate great stories featuring dragons.

Pure Art - For art lovers, you will find dragon art for sale at pretty cheap prices. For some people, this mythical creature is the essence of beauty.

What Scenes Are Commonly Featured In Dragon Wall Art?

Breathing Fire - The majority of dragons we hear about in stores and legends have one thing in common — fire. Dragons are one of the main mythical creatures who have the ability to breathe fire. Given the human fascination with fire, many depict this in dragon wall art.

Flight - Many different dragons we find in stories have the ability to fly. So, it’s pretty common to see dragon wall decor that depicts this creature flying and taking off.

Co-operation - In some cases, we can see dragons depicted as having relations with humans. Many different movies have contributed to this perception.

Invincibility - In many scenes we see an angry dragon in fierce battle. Usually towering over its opponent. Additionally, there is also a style of dragon wall art that depicts them rising to the sun. This alludes to the belief that dragons originate from the sun.

Inclusiveness - Not all dragons are scary. Most dragon-themed decorations for a home will depict kid-friendly content such as silly or happy animated dragons. This way, the paintings and decorations don’t scare the children.

What Type of Decor Styles Work Best With This Style Of Art?

Natural Art - Dragon wall art is an amazing art form. However, perhaps the most prominent complimentary art style for pairing with this art style has to be natural art. Featuring art consisting of nature or animals is always a great way to introduce dragons.

Asian Decor - If you want to include dragon wall decor in your space then why not introduce an entire decor theme? Dragons are awesome, highly symbolic animals. An asian themed room would be a subtle and sophisticated way to add this creature to your decor style.

Medieval Style - Many people actually employ decor styles that would make you think of ancient European castles and dragons. The more common of these themes is Medieval or Irish cottage.With these styles, dragon wall decor almost never feels out of place.

Modern Decor - Note that dragon-themed decor can also work for most interior decor styles. The challenge here is that the interior decorator has to figure out how to incorporate dragons into the theme.

Where Is The Best Place To Hang This Type Of Art?

Living Room - Lots of people want to show off their dragon wall art in a visible place. Unlike many other animals, dragons are bold and ferocious. Many forms of art that depict these creatures will most likely stir emotions and get people talking. So, this likely isn’t something you would want to keep in a closed room. You want your dragon home decor looking people in the eye.

Bedroom - Lots of dragon bedroom decor has become very popular. You can always check our collection for prints and wall decorations that will fit your bedroom nicely.

Succinct Areas - Keep in mind, however, that many people put dragon decor with complementary pieces. Take into account the color of the room and the surrounding decor.

Office Locations - If you love dragons and want to show it off then why not have dragon canvas art in your office.

Where to Get High Quality Art Prints?

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