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Cow Wall Art


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Cow Wall Decor FAQ

Are you thinking about decorating with a country or farmhouse interior design style? Do you love cows and want to figure out how to include it into your current decor?

Whatever the reason, knowing about art you like and its possibilities is empowering. These are some of the questions we hear about cow art, along with their answers:

How To Decorate With Cow Art?

Farmhouse Style - As it says in its name, life on the farm inspires this style. It is warm and traditional. The style features clean lines and rustic furniture. If you try this, keep it elegant, simple, organic, and include lots of white.

Rustic - In a way, this means country style. An area characterized by open spaces, the same type of area where cows are usually found. This style features rugged vibes and natural colors. The last integral element of this style is wood that isn't painted. You can do this with furniture, floors, or walls.

Contemporary Country - A combination of traditional country decor with modern style. There is irony in the shock people get when they see present-day country houses. This is because they are usually beautiful and super modern. Breaking the stereotype of old technology and aged decor.

Black and White - Cows are black and white. This makes cow wall art the perfect centerpiece for a room styled in these colors. This decor style is so popular because it is simple and hard to mess up.

Southwestern - Enhance rural southwestern style desert decor with some beautiful cow pictures. It is also especially nice to use colored abstract cow art to liven up this decor style.

What Does a Cow Symbolize in Art?

Life Well Lived - Some Asian cultures, especially in India, revere cows as sacred creatures. They are often viewed as the most respectable of all creatures for the way they carry on their existence.

Mother Earth - Cows are a prime example of the earth providing what humans need to thrive. Cows eat the grass from the ground. This in turn becomes what humans consume. This is the perfect embodiment of how we are all connected. If this is the type of feeling you want from cow wall art, check out a boho vibe.

Trust - People have counted on cows for thousands of years as a source of nourishment. Their milk is a key source of growth for many of us when we are young. Humans need to trust cows to provide this for them.

Peace - Cows are very gentle creatures. They usually sit and chill out in a field all day eating and minding their own business. This can make people feel like they should also focus on their own lives and be peaceful.

Tranquility and Calming - Domestic cows are quiet and non-threatening animals. Watching them can be a calming experience. This can remind us that life can be simple if we let it be. There is no need to stress. Try to hang some cow kitchen decor if you get overwhelmed in the kitchen.

What Are Some Types of This Art Style?

Vintage - Vintage is such a popular category of art. It has pretty much been paired with everything and anything. If you search through our cow wall art collection, you are bound to find plenty of vintage options.

Abstract - Abstract art featuring cows takes many different forms. One popular style has them placed on top of an abstract background. Another has a more geometric style with the influence of lots of bright colors.

Photography - Cows in their usual habitat. Generally on a farm. Real-life photos to remind us how beautiful these gentle creatures are. A lot of people don't realize that many types of cows come in different colors and looks.

Landscape - Cows sitting in nature is a very beautiful scene. Doing what they do best, grazing. Find different settings besides fields such as mountains or valleys. You can choose a group of cows or just one.

Cute Cow Art For Children - Kids love animals. Cows are no exception. They are a kind farm animal that is one of the first things many children can identify. Having animals on the wall of their nursery is an investment in children’s education.

What Kinds Of Cows Are Featured In Art?

Milk Cow - The typical black and white spotted cow that you see on the milk carton. This type of cow is one of the most commonly seen in pictures of cows. This cow can remind us to be gentle and generous by its calm selfless nature.

Longhorn - A breed of cattle with long sharp horns. Characterized by pop culture as pertaining to the Southwestern United States. This type of animal depicted in cow wall decor goes especially well with the southwestern decor style I mentioned above. Look for this one in large matte black.

Scottish Highland Cow - A cow with shaggy fur and longhorns. Bred for cold weather. This cow is one of the most sought after for cow wall art because it is cute and happy looking. Look for this cow in abstract pieces.

Belle of the Farm - Based on an iconic work of art, this style features the head of a gentle beautiful female cow. Meaning the beauty of the farm. Many regard this work of art as thought-provoking and feminine

Bull - Bulls are male cattle and are very aggressive. They are most famous for the running of the bulls and bullfighting in Spain. Maybe you want to hang a bull on your wall for motivation or to remind you to persevere through a tough time.

How To Get The Art That You Love?

At the end of the day, you need to buy the art that you love. If that’s cows, then so be it! You are not alone.

Check out our cow wall art collection for some of the hottest styles and emerging art trends. Shop Wall26 today!