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Elephant Wall Art


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Elephant Canvas Art FAQ

Tired of the old stale look on your walls? How about you get some Elephant decor? Such wall art pieces will completely upgrade your wall to a new level of magnificence.

Elephant art prints will not only add beauty to your walls but a magical feeling too. If you feel this way, we understand you might have some questions. We provide you with expert answers to common questions. Read on.

What Can This Animal Symbolize in Art?

  • Strength - Just the mention of this creature paints a mental picture of a huge and strong animal. An elephant in art symbolizes not only physical but mental strength too. An elephant print on your wall is a constant reminder that you can overcome any hardship.
  • Loyalty - They are the most loyal creatures. The way they are gentle with their young ones is adorable. They hardly leave their herds. These animals would stick together even when one of them faces a danger. They are always obedient to the leader of the herd.
  • Spirituality - Buddhism and Hinduism focus on spirituality more than nature. They view these creatures as holy animals. They worship them both directly through their presence. And, indirectly by emulating their exceptional qualities. It's for this reason you'll hardly miss an elephant wall hanging in places of worship in India.
  • Patience - Elephants are among the gentlest animals. Given their size and strength, they could quickly turn destructive if they wanted to. However, it's not in their nature. Unless provoked, or if a cute baby elephant is in danger, these giants maintain a low-key temperament. They prefer a peaceful and calm state of being.
  • Luck - Some communities associate this animal with fortune and good luck. The grey and Bohemian elephants signify that. They believe that keeping a piece of elephant art or jewelry in the house rids it of negative energy. That's why it’s common to find an elephant portrait at the door of the homes of people who hold such beliefs.

Where to Hang Elephant Wall Art?

  • Baby Room - Elephants are among the first animals kids interact with. They find them in stories, pictures, and movies. They love these creatures and would spend the whole day watching them lift their trunks up. How about you add to the fun by adding a cool piece of elephant wall decor to their room? Make it colorful, they'll love it.
  • The Living Room - Your visitors will marvel at the beauty of your home with a big elephant piece on your living room wall. And, because you tend to spend a lot of time in the living room, you should give it the best decor. Excellent decor for the living room will give you the calm yet beautiful environment you need.
  • In the office - This creature is a sign of strength, loyalty, responsibility, calmness, and power. These are the exact qualities people should emulate in the workplace. An elephant framed art in your office will encourage productivity and good relations with your colleagues. Gold print would make a great choice.
  • Your bedroom - African communities believe that having elephant room decor strengthens bonds. It’s often a sign of unconditional love, commitment, and faithfulness. The bedroom is the perfect place for such. This could also teach your children to be obedient and loving. A pink elephant could be a good choice.
  • On the Desk - Elephants are widely known for their out-of-the-ordinary memory. Having an elephant artwork on your office desk could also boost your memory. Place it on your kids' study desk too, and let's see if they pass their test.

Some Popular Types of Elephant Canvas Art?

  • Modern - This style is complicated yet magnificent. This artwork leans more on a practical approach, which is non-traditional. It includes the careful use of different arrays of beautiful colors. It also features artworks in beautiful settings to add more life to the scene.
  • Abstract - These should evoke emotions and create a feeling. The styles involve reducing the image to its purest form, mostly in 3D. The primary focus is on the animal's creativity shown in the excellent use of colors.
  • Black and White - Away with the colors for a bit. There's a way these types of artwork blend well with themed rooms and colors. These designs depict rich artistic mastery and can convey some emotion.
  • Triptych Art - Triptych, also called 3-piece art, is a common type of art. Here, a large piece of art has its continuation in three different pieces. An elephant triptych would be an excellent addition to your living room.
  • On Wood - This style features elephants on wooden backgrounds. This style would be an excellent addition to a rustic interior. Tribal elephant paints go well with this. If you're working on a budget, then this is a perfect option. They make the perfect wall art for the nursery.

What Aspects of This Animal Are Featured In Art?

  • Intelligence - These are brilliant animals. Their sharp memory allows them to remember people for years. An elephant can also learn and get involved in activities like painting a picture and do it so effortlessly. If this is a quality you respect, maybe an elephant canvas art print is perfect for your wall!
  • Power - Elephants are quite dominant. Their vast bodies and massive strength give them the upper hand. Their mighty trunk can lift trees and move logs. These animals are, however, reserved and not easily provoked.
  • Divine - Many Asian cultures view elephants as holy animals. You'll likely see Indian elephants on the streets during spiritual ceremonies. They give offerings to the elephants, even washing and anointing them with particular kinds of oil. They believe this brings good luck, longevity, and good health.
  • Prosperity - Households place elephant sculptures and artworks on the door to attract prosperity. Elephant artwork, especially ones in which they lift their trunks, depict success.
  • Dominance - Elephants dominate the jungle. However, they keep it slow and hardly disturb the peace of other animals. It's ironic how they rarely get involved in the destruction or anything of the sort.

Where to Get Amazing Canvas Art?

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