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Map Wall Art


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Map Wall Decor FAQ

Nothing compares to a decorated house. Especially when it’s decor that you love. If you love maps and travel, you should try some map wall decor for your space.

Maybe you want to explore different types of map wall art and have some questions. In order to help answer these questions, we consulted our home decor experts. Take a look at what they said:

What Can Maps Symbolize in Art?

Literacy – Map art is a common decor in formal offices. They also pop up frequently in classrooms, libraries, and research centers. All these places are centers that value education and literacy. This decor serves as a learning aid and points of reference for learners and professionals.

Growth – Map art can show how big a country is. It can also show how many people live in a place. Further, we can see the amount of certain resources a region has. All these are elements of growth, regardless of how big or small they are. If you or your office has an interest in such areas, then you should get some map prints on the wall.

Life – The boundaries existing between different regions are there because of people. Further, we use them to trace routes and neighborhoods. Such symbolize the existence of life. Map decor in your space can also signify the presence of life.

Settlement – Maps show how things are distributed over the earth. That includes the patterns in which people live. Here’s a chance to learn about how people live in different regions.

Nature – Among the most notable things in maps are rivers, mountains, and forests. These are natural resources – the most significant part of nature. Map artwork often includes these elements. They add a touch of splendor and class to your space. They also serve as a constant reminder to conserve nature.

What Are The Different Types of Map Art?

Black and white – Colors give life to art. An artist who carefully uses colors can even set a positive atmosphere with their works. However, these pieces can also be beautiful even without many colors. Map canvas art dominated by grey, black, and white can be a great decor piece for your space.

Fantasy art – This style traces its origin to folklore and religion. This type of art mainly conveys mysteries, culture, and unseen life forces. This type of art is generally detailed and glamorous. Fantasy art map room decor could be an elegant choice for your walls.

Abstract – An artist uses select colors, shapes, and gestural marks to achieve excellence. Similarly, these maps often don’t use actual imagery. Instead, they represent data using special pointers. This style can even sometimes bring out the best in a map illustration.

Aboriginal Art – This is one of the oldest styles that finds its roots in Australia. From rocks to ground, to bodies, and now canvases. This art has proven its magnificence throughout the years. This style mostly utilizes earth and sea colors such as green, blue, and white. This can look very nice when paired with a painting.

Land Art – Also called earthworks, this style gives birth to masterpieces. Here, artists use natural materials such as stones and wood. The main aim is to pay close attention to environmental features. Maps art could be an awesome complement.

What Type of Decor Styles Work Best With This Style Of Art?

Contemporary – This style incorporates the most recent elements of art. elegant colors and excellent finishes are a common thing here. We also can’t overlook sleek furniture and the classy finishes. Some beautiful map home decor could be an excellent addition to the walls.

Modern – Make-no-mistake, this style isn’t the same as contemporary. However, they have some similarities. Class, elegance, and rare beauty are what defines this style. The carefully chosen colors, classy furniture, and excellent finishes make it stand out. That, coupled up with the right pieces of canvas wall art can really make your space feel great.

Industrial – This style takes on the looks and feel of a warehouse. Raw elements such as unfinished metals and wooden furnishings are a thing here. This style calls for plenty of space. The neutral colors make it stand out. Make it even better by adding some maps wall art.

Rustic – This style mainly draws its inspiration from the outdoors. It also takes on some elements of the industrial style. Here, we go raw and natural. Stones, leather, and weathered finishes give it a sophisticated but beautiful look. Some maps decor, coupled with the leather chairs, can be a stunning look.

Farmhouse – This style borrows the antique elements of industrial and Scandinavian styles. The mix of high and low contrasts gives it a warm and inviting feel. The finishes, furniture, and colors all add to it a special touch of splendor. Couple this with some vintage map wall art. You’ll likely love the warmth, comfort, and relaxed feel.

Where Is The Best Place To Hang This Type Of Art?

Office – Maps are commonplace for offices. You’ll hardly miss one here. They serve a crucial purpose, especially in presentations and international business. You’d easily show a client the regions your business covers using a map. They can also give context to discussions with individuals in other countries. Keep it classy with a framed decor map.

Classroom – A map is a critical teaching aid. It’s also an excellent learning aid for students. A typical classroom most likely has one map. Spruce up the classroom walls with some nautical charts and other educational pictures. They’ll likely be of great help to your students.

Study – Your study deserves a classy and elegant look. You might even perform better in an attractive place. Decorating your walls with some map pieces delivers nothing less. You’ll give your walls the transformation it needs.

Kid’s Bedroom – As they grow, kids love learning new things. This is a good opportunity to teach them about countries, continents, oceans or smaller regions. Anything that reminds them of the same serves a critical purpose. Spruce up their walls with some decorative wall maps.

Large Wall – Big walls can be beautiful. However, they can easily appear dull, especially with nothing on them. Just having them simply painted may not be enough. Try out some oversized wall decor.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Art?

Wall decor can bring out the best of your space. The style, class, and glamour that come with it are practically unmatched.

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