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Horse Wall Art


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Horse Art FAQ

When you decorate your space, lots of different decor styles and ideas go through your head. It can be confusing and sometimes you don’t know where to start.

Horse art is an elegant form of artistic expression worth knowing about. To help us all to better understand this type of wall decor, we consulted our home decor enthusiasts. Here is what they said:

What Decor Styles Go Well With Horse Art?

Rustic - Features a “country vibe” and natural materials with a rough, weathered look. You don’t need to live out on a farm to make it happen. You just need a natural color palette and some creativity!

Farmhouse - This style of decor seeks to encapsulate the warm and cozy vibe of a family farm. Wall art with horses is a perfect way to enhance the look. This style is popular because it allows for flexibility and lots of personal touches.

Southwestern Style - Also known as “desert style decor.” Features the elements and colors of nature from the southwestern United States. This could be cacti, cow skulls, bold rugs, and artwork featuring horses.

Traditional - This is exactly what you would expect, known for being “low key,” formal, and normal. Adding horse pictures for the wall is a subtle way to make a traditional style room a little more exciting.

Equestrian - The style of interior design that features sports that include horses. This could be racing, polo, or anything involving riding. You can include brown leather furniture and any kind of horse decorations for home.

Where to Hang Horse Art?

Behind A Desk - Horses are very respectable animals. They are smart, loyal, and fast. Having horse art on the wall behind your desk is a great way to make a statement about yourself. This might be the kind of person you want others to perceive you as.

Above A Fireplace - Are you using a decor style that is warm, cozy, and embraces nature? If so, a horse painting above the fireplace could be a key piece to your home decor strategy. Imagine the vibe when you kick back on your couch with a roaring fire and a majestic piece of horse wall art decor.

On a Large Wall - If you have a large wall then consider covering it with a piece of large horse wall decor. Another option is multiple horse pictures on a wall to invoke a gallery style. Covering a large wall with a large piece of artwork is almost always stunning.

In the Study - If your study has wood decor and an elegant style then why not cover the walls with majestic animals? If you are in a positive frame of mind, you will get more work done. You might also have better thoughts and be more productive.

Kid’s Bedroom - Kids love horses, especially little girls, and kids from the country. Why not make your kids so happy with some amazing horse artwork for their space? They will never forget the pony over their bed or the mustang in the playroom.

What Are Some Different Styles of Horse Art?

Modern - This style is hard to define. We can say it loosely means artwork that is “experimental” and non-traditional. Most modern horse wall art includes bright colors and fantastic settings.

Abstract - Art meant to convey a feeling. This style usually conveys an object reduced to its most basic form. This might include something like beautiful stick figure horses or splattered colors.

3 Piece - Also known as triptych art. This is generally a 3-panel art set that all 3 pieces together form one large work of art. This style especially works well when you place the art on a living room wall.

On Wood - Artwork featuring horses on wood or mock wooden backgrounds very popular. It is also a huge compliment to a rustic or modern farmhouse interior design style. This is the type of decorations that are perfect for rustic decor on a budget.

Wild West - Lots of paintings and wall art featuring scenes and depictions of early day wild west America. This is especially amazing for a house that utilizes a southwestern decor style.

Why Is This Style of Art So Popular?

Beauty - Horses are one of the most beautiful, majestic, and graceful animals. If you don’t believe it, then you likely have not spent enough time watching them. They run in the wind with dignity.

Symbolism - This animal means a lot of things to different cultures, but is generally a symbol of luck or prosperity. For example, white horse art specifically represents the concepts of freedom and power.

Appreciation - For many people, horses are their favorite animals. If this is you then why not decorate your place with horse wall art pictures of all different styles? It will make you happy and remind you of something you love.

Decor Style - As we stated above, many decor styles can easily be achieved or enhanced by adding some horse art pictures to the walls. Most of the decor styles that fit this criterion have a strong synergy with nature.

Significance - To some people, this animal means something special and specific to them. It could be your upbringing or some other time when horses were in their life. Maybe horses make you remember a purpose or a commitment to yourself.

What Art Inspires You?

Does horse wall art inspire you or make you happy? What does looking at it or having it around you make you want to do?

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