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Unicorn Wall Art


Check out our thoughtful and magical collection of Unicorn Wall Art decor!

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Check out our thoughtful and magical collection of Unicorn Wall Art decor!

Unicorn Art FAQ

Are you redecorating and considering using unicorn artwork in your space? Some people love this style of art but find it hard to incorporate it.

To help you out we chatted with some of our home decor enthusiasts. We asked them the main questions we hear about this style of art. Here is what they said:

What Are Some Different Kinds Of Unicorn Themed Art?

Children’s- Unicorn wall art for kids is very popular, especially among little girls. You can never be too old to love unicorns! That said, children are especially fond of these amazing creatures. Unicorn prints for children are very fun and usually feature the color pink.

Classical- Mentions of unicorns date back to BC. They were very present in classical art, especially during the medieval period. Many works from that time often show these creatures in the company of beautiful young women.

Religious Art- These creatures appear in many different religious works. especially in Christianity in ancient Europe. This is because the unicorn was a symbol of purity, especially relating to that of young women.

Rainbow- Rainbows have become associated with this creature. That is why it should not be a surprise that rainbow unicorn art has become so popular. In modern times, the unicorn is a mythical creature and a symbol of joy.

Vintage- A unicorn silhouette mounted on aged wood is one of the most popular in our collection. Perfect proof that your passion can work with any art or decor style. Our unicorn collection features many vintage pieces like this. Art pushes boundaries.

Best Decorating Styles For Unicorn Art?

Princess Room- Most little girls like to pretend they are a princess at some point in their childhood. This decor style is for a little girl who likes to play princess. This type of room is usually pink. Other elements might include play castles, stuffed animal friends, and unicorn wall art.

Fantasy Interior Design- These creatures appear in lots of sci-fi and fantasy stories. Some people are passionate about these subjects and decorate with an inspired style. Do you love to pretend you are in a different place and a different time? Then some unicorn wall hangings might be ideal for you!

Medieval Interior Design- This is exactly what you think. A decor style that resembles the medieval period. Elements generally include stone, natural colors, and appropriate decor. This is a style that is easily achieved or enhanced by the presence of unicorn art.

Contemporary- In contemporary interior design, the “unicorn theme” has become popular. This generally employs light pastel colors on white. Complete it with subtle unicorn wall decor. This is a great way to keep a balance between sophisticated style and an explosion of passion.

Any- Do you love Unicorns but don’t know how to integrate them into your design style? If something makes you happy that’s wonderful in itself and you should find a way to add it to your home decor. A unicorn painting can easily be added to almost any decor style, find it in our wall art collection!

How Do You Make a Unicorn Themed Room?

Choose Your Style- If you want to make a unicorn-themed room, then the first thing you need to do is select a style. As mentioned above, picking an underlying interior design style is important. This sets the rules for creating an effect that provokes emotion.

Pick Your Colors- After you select the style of your room, the next logical step would be to pick a color pattern. There is an interior design rule about color. It says you should pick 3. One dominant color to comprise 60% of the room. A secondary color to make up 30% of the room, and an accent color to make up 10% of the room.

Select Your Furniture- What kind of room is this? Are you designing a kid's room? A living room? Depending on the room you are designing, you will need to select furniture. Try to keep the furniture color in line with the colors you chose for the room.

Unicorn Wall Art- If you want to complete the room you will need some unicorn wall decor. Make sure it compliments the room you have designed. Try and select art that includes some of the colors you choose for your room, but that also complements the style.

Props- This depends on the decor style and vibe you have chosen. It could be that props and decorations can further enhance the room. Consider stickers and stuffed animals unless it would make it feel “cheaper.” Stuffed unicorns are also a great prop. If it’s a sophisticated space, then one or two elegant stuffed unicorns could enhance the vibe of the room.

Where to Hang This Type Of Art?

Bedroom- For some people, they keep their love of unicorns low key. That makes the bedroom an ideal spot to place a piece of choice unicorn wall art. For a little girl who loves unicorns, her room is also the perfect place to hang some cute unicorn art.

Playroom- Kids love unicorns. If you are looking for a great way to liven up their play space or basement, then you should consider unicorns! This is a fun creature that will encourage kids to be joyful and make their world even more magical.

Bathroom- Some can't get away with decorating one of the main rooms in their house unicorn style. The bathroom though, it’s a small space and can have a decor style of its own. One of the best places in the house for wall art is actually above the toilet.

Study- Do you love to read stories or play video games? Then the place where you do that could be the ideal spot for you to hang some unicorn wall decorations. If you are ever reading a fantasy or sci-fi novel, it would sure be nice to have some awesome creatures on the wall. That would enhance the feeling!

Large Wall- Many people feature breathtaking works of art on large walls in their homes to make a statement. If you are into it, then why not express it? A large wall featuring a large unicorn work of art is without a doubt a statement about who you are and what you love.

How To Pick Your Favorite?

There is nothing that should stop you from selecting the art that you want to decorate your home or office with. If you like something, that’s great, let it make you happy!

Ultimately, the type of artwork you decide to decorate with should be what you want it to be! Shop unicorn wall art today at Wall26!