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Animal Wall Art


The most epic selection of high-quality Animal Wall Art decorations on the internet.

Animal Themed Wall Art FAQ

Looking to hang some awesome animal wall decorations but don’t know where to start? No worries! We found the most common questions on this topic and consulted our home decor experts on the matter! Here’s what they said:

What Is The Purpose of Animal Art?

Fun - Animals make people happy, they’re one of the coolest things about life on our planet. For most people, their appearance at the very least makes the day more interesting. After all, it's impossible not to smile when you see your favorite animal wall decor on your way out every day!

Self Expression - Different animals mean different things. Especially to different cultures. One common reason why people buy wall art is to express their personality through the way they decorate their house or office. What does it say about you by what you have on the wall? What would you think of going to meet with someone to find they have a ferocious dragon behind their desk?

Mood Influence - The way something makes you feel when you see it often will influence the way you feel and act. How do you want the people in your space to feel and behave? These should be important considerations before purchasing animal wall art. With great power comes great responsibility.

Inspiration - What does this style of art do for you? Does looking at it make you feel a certain type of way? Does a tiger motivate you to go out and work hard? Can cute kittens remind you to be gentile? Art is very good at provoking emotions and thoughts in people, there is a purpose to that.

Love Of Animals - Get more animals in your life. If you are an animal lover then you get it! Having them all around you brightens your day. If this is you then a hallway with a gallery wall full of prints of your favorite furry friends should be in your house!

Where to Place Wild Animal Wall Art?

Over The Couch - One of the most prominent spots for artwork in any home is without a doubt above the couch in the living room or family room. What you put there will influence the way the room feels. Without a doubt, you can make an impact on your interior design by adding this style of art to the room.

Over the Bed - Above the bed is another prime spot to place a piece of wall art and have it hold a dominating position in a room. The bedroom is a more private space than the living room so you can easily put something more personal there. How about your spirit animal!

Play Room - Kids love animals, and rightfully so. Placing some fun artwork featuring animals where the children play is a great way to make their space even more enjoyable. They will remember it forever and likely even give names to the animals depicted in the art.

Office - This all goes back to the type of environment that you want to set for your workplace. If you work at a pediatrician office then funny baby animals are a great choice. If you want to inspire your team try out a big cat or a speeding gazelle. Don’t forget, the type of animal wall hangings you choose will say a lot about who you are.

Basement - Is this where your man cave is or where you have a bar set up? Animals are one of the best compliments to decor and can quickly take a space from zero to awesome. With just the simple act of hanging some animal wall decorations.

What Are Some Popular Types of Animal Art?

African Animals - These are likely the most famous animals on the planet! That’s why they make such great wall art. Lions are without a doubt one of the most inspiring and majestic beasts around. Don’t overlook wise elephants, gigantic giraffes, and hilarious monkeys either though!

Farm Animals - Pictures of farm animals are the greatest compliment to rustic decor! There aren't many things that can bring out this vibe better than images of cows, chickens, pigs, or any other animals you might find around a farm!

Safari Animals - The safari is the epitome of exotic adventure! It’s also a great theme to incorporate into your home decor! If you have an elegant decor theme then an animal wall decoration featuring a majestic safari scene could add some flavor to the space.

Nursery Animals - Adorable animal wall art can be the perfect way to decorate the room of a baby or a small child! Look for animated graphics and bright pastel colors! This is also a great way to start to educate young children about the world.

Woodland Animals - Animals you would find in an evergreen forest. Lots of nature lovers and hunters especially love to decorate their space with images of animals they have encountered. So if you love going out into nature then maybe bears, wolves, and deer are the perfect addition to your space!

What Decor Styles Work Especially Great With This Art Theme?

Black And White - This is a simple yet beautiful (and very hard to mess up) decor style. You can pull this off in a variety of ways by incorporating elements of other styles. Imagine a black and white jaguar with striking bright neon eyes staring at you out of the darkness.

Modern Farmhouse - Combines the at-home farmhouse feel with an updated sleek and luxurious design. This type of design is exactly what it stands for, rustic farm style, but updated. It should feel like it's meant for the modern-day for a modern farm family. Hence, photos of farm animals can enhance the vibe.

Shabby Chic - Feminine style characterized by whitewashed furniture and floral decor. Features opulence and decadence. Some say this trend is out of style but plenty of people are still into it. You can easily enhance this style with some adorable animal wall art.

Coastal - Natural elements that inspire a beach vibe, usually featuring wood and the colors white and blue. One of the best ways to enhance this vibe is to add wall art featuring ocean wildlife. Just make sure it goes with your color choices.

Eclectic - This is when you decorate but incorporate many different themes but still make it look good. Elements from different styles, periods, colors, things that don't "fit together." Do whatever you want by combining all your favorite things!

What Will You Put On Your Wall?

Take some time to browse our collection! Our artists look to all corners of the animal kingdom for inspiration. You are bound to find something you love!

Have fun making your decision. Shop animal wall art today at Wall26! Experience shopping for home decor with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.