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Butterfly Art FAQ

Are you redecorating and love butterflies? That sounds like so much fun! A lot of our customers love butterfly art but want some more ideas about how to use it to decorate.

To help you guys out, we put together this list of common questions with their answers! Check out the Q+A below for more:

What Are Some Interior Design Styles That Go With Butterflies?

Boho - The goal of Boho style interior design is to produce a relaxed and unique aesthetic. Perfect for adding butterfly art. Boho is a rebellious style,” so it allows for lots of freedom of design. This style has its roots in a group of gypsy people from the area of bohemia in the old Czech Republic. This style embraces layered textures, vintage pieces, and natural colors.

Rattan - Features rattan furniture, made from rattan wood. Rattan is a vine from Southeast Asia. It gives the furniture a natural look. Perfect for outdoor seating, or a theme that calls for nature-related decor. This style also features bright colored woven cloths and other natural materials.

Urban Chic - Chic describes any decor style with a fashionable and elegant touch. In this case, combined with an urban theme, which means “characteristic of a city.” This design style is casual, fresh, inexpensive, and easy to achieve.

Elegant Country - Also known as rural chic. Features florals, botanicals, inspiration, and decoration with antiques. Use faint colors. Make it look like a luxurious country home. Large faint butterfly wall art can enhance the colors of this decor style. This works especially well if you match the butterfly artwork with the other colors in the room.

Asian Decor - Asian decor is known for subtlety. That doesn’t mean you can’t use many colors. Adding a butterfly that contains faint colors makes the room feel beautiful. The butterfly becomes the main source of color in the room.

What Are Some Butterfly Wall Decoration Ideas?

Abstract - This is an art style that challenges tradition. This art can provoke feelings and thoughts. It is usually a representation of a complex object (butterfly), broken down to its most basic form. Butterflies themselves are nature’s work of art.

Vintage Scientific Diagrams - Do you want to learn about the anatomy of a butterfly? Then an anatomical diagram is a great choice. This is also a very common type of butterfly wall art. You can keep it on your wall to study. Or, you could be a teacher and want to hang it in your classroom so that students can learn.

Multi Panel - Also called triptych art, this can create a very cool effect. Multi-panel art displays a sequence or scene across many different surfaces. This style of butterfly art is especially useful if you are displaying an anatomical diagram of the butterfly. This way multiple objects can be displayed.

Wildlife Photography - There are some very beautiful images of butterflies out there. There are instances of them in nature in their real beauty. Few people ever really see a butterfly up that close. It is truly a reminder about the beauty that exists in the world around us when you have butterfly wall pictures on display.

Rustic - A simple butterfly placed on a wooden background. That simple piece of wall art can invoke a country-themed decor style. Natural tones and aged wood. You can give any room the country vibe by adding some wall art of this style. It is amazing how much the addition of a simple piece of wall art can enhance a room.

What Do Butterflies Symbolize?

Freedom - Butterflies are free spirits. They can go where they please. When your spirit is free you feel like you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want. If you want to remind yourself to be joyful or that you can do whatever you want in this world, hanging butterfly prints on your wall is a good idea.

Prosperity - The emergence of butterflies in the springtime is a sign that the weather will soon be beautiful and warm. In the old days, this meant that it was time to plant crops. Nowadays it means summer is coming and we can look forward to things like travel and swimming. What would butterfly wall photos mean to you?

New Beginnings - Butterflies crawl out of a cocoon as something large and beautiful after having entered as something small and ugly. A lot of people who are entering a new phase in their life find inspiration in the butterfly for this reason. The caterpillar accepts its fate, strenuously builds the cocoon, completely changes its body, and then achieves a new and better life.

Change - The fact that the caterpillar crawls out of a cocoon as a completely different animal is important. If you need to embrace change, then maybe you can think about the butterfly. Because for the butterfly, change is destiny. This type of thinking can help you through a hard time or remind you to be happy. Some butterfly wall art can remind you to do this.

Springtime - Spring is the time of new beginnings. As said above, this is usually when the butterflies emerge. It should be clear by now why people associate butterflies with these types of things. The spring is a time for the beauty of the nature around us to emerge from the snow as the butterfly emerges from the cocoon.

Where to Hang Butterfly Wall Decor?

Next to a Large Window or Sunroom - Does your house have a greenhouse room? Not many do. But if you are lucky enough to have this at your home then adding pretty colored walls is a great way to enhance the good vibes. Maybe it’s not a full sunroom but just a room with a large window. Either way, the beauty from outdoors combined with beautiful artistic color will enhance the happy vibe.

Screen Porch or Balcony - Most screened porches are wooden and undecorated. Butterfly wall decor can certainly do lots to add some color to your porch. Colorful artwork can look great being hung almost anywhere outdoors where the rain and elements won’t ruin it!

Kitchen - Is your kitchen mostly white with no decor or color? A butterfly is a great way to add a splash of colors to your space. Do not underestimate the amount of effect that a piece of wall art can have. The right piece on the wall can take a space from bland to looking like it's been created by an interior designer.

Entryway - Welcome your guests with this warm and happy symbol. Butterflies often signify positive feelings and emotions. Having such a creature to greet your guests will certainly put them at ease. Let people know that you are a friendly person by letting the first thing they see be butterfly wall hangings.

Bathroom - Making the bathroom a pleasant and calming place is easy to do. Give your family a soothing experience when they start and end their day. Place decorations like candles on the counter and hang some butterfly wall decor. This will remind them of the beautiful things in life after a long day of work or before a hard challenge.

What Will You Do With Your Space?

Decorating with butterfly wall art is a fantastic way to enhance the color and vibe of your room.

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