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Wall26 takes pride in providing the best Van Gogh Prints collection on the internet. Let’s dive right in and shop stunning wall art for your space!

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Van Gogh Wall Art FAQ

The Van Gogh wall prints collection is the hottest home decorating trend nowadays. But, there is so much to know about this fantastic artwork you are going to buy. So, let’s discover some interesting facts about popular Van Gogh prints!

What Are Van Gogh’s Most Famous Paintings?

The Potato Eaters (1885) - This painting reflects Van's expression of love for his work. It is said, he first went through a hundred portrait studies of peasants and various trail paintings of the scene before reaching a final version. His expectations from this painting were much higher but failed to grab the attention of art dealers. However, it is placed in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. He also painted Marsh with Water Lilies in his initial painting years.

Sunflowers (1888) - “The Sunflower is mine.” This expression of Van’s clearly shows his connection with his 12 sunflower paintings. 7 of these flower paintings were painted in Arles. 4 pictures of them were original, but the other 3 were replicated versions.

Bedroom in Arles (1889) - Vincent did not ever have his bedroom until the winter of 1888 when he moved to a town known as Arles. That new experience inspired him to create this masterpiece during that time frame and sent it to his friend, Paul Gauguin, and brother Theo.

Cafe Terrace at Night (1888) - The beauty of this painting is that it is a night scene without having darkness! The night cafe is the second most reproduced artwork after his oil on canvas art “Starry Night.” This painted street cafe now exists in reality at Place du Forum in Arles, named “Cafe Van Gogh.”

Wheatfield with Crows (1890) - Sadly, this oil painting is believed to be the last landscape artwork of this great artist before his death. This Vincent Van Gogh artwork is assumed to reflect the dark feelings of Vincent. He painted a cornfield, crows, street, and darkness in this masterpiece. Other than these, Almond Blossom, another masterpiece, was also painted in his death year and is among the most famous Van Gogh prints.

Despite all these amazing paintings, he was only able to sell his one masterpiece, “The Red Vineyard,” during his entire life. Contrarily, his masterpieces for sale have a price of million dollars.

What Was Van Gogh’s Art Style?

Black and White Drawings - Van Gogh was a firm believer that to succeed, a painter should first master black and white drawings. He made over 1,000 drawings by pencil, and several chalks, including red, blue, or black, before stepping into a painting.

Watercolor - In the initial phases of Van Gogh’s art journey, he also used bold and vibrant watercolors to add shades to his drawings.

Lithography - The artist started experimenting with lithography in the middle of his artistic journey. It was a time when he produced a lithograph of one of his best canvas art - The Potato Eaters to reach a broader audience.

Pointillist Technique - In the middle of his art journey, he became inspired by impressionist and neo-impressionist artwork. It was the time when he attempted the pointillist technique for the first time.

Self-portraits - In his advanced painting years, Van Gogh produced 30 self-portraits. He started using unusual colors in the painting by saying, instead of mere reproductions, he is more interested in making arbitrary use of color for expression.

How Did Van Gogh Change Art?

Changed Public Perception - Van Gogh art changed the perception of artists in the mind of the general public by bringing the aspect of madness and monastic touch in his artwork.

Unusual Stroke - Van Gogh wall art contains a distinctive touch as unlike other artists of that time; paintings show unique brushwork. It is visible in his subjects, including figures, Landscapes, and Scenery.

Sense of Urgency - His artwork shows a sense of urgency that is rare. The emotive use of vivid color set the foundation for modern artwork.

Emotion Reflection - The high ratio of Van Gogh canvas prints reflects his emotions through bold colors. This approach stands out from other artists because he did not paint using traditional color tones.

Unrealistic Colors - Vincent Van Gogh prints, especially paintings he made in the last years of his life, have unrealistic colors. Instead of following a traditional school of art, he preferred to express his emotions through artwork.

How Would You Describe Van Gogh's Paintings?

Continuous Evolvement - Van Gogh did not stick to the one art style. Instead, he experimented with multiple techniques that inspire the people worldwide now. His sailboat artwork, skull paintings, giclee-prints, Fishing Boats on the Beach, The Mulberry Tree, Forest Interior, Studio Window, cat, and floral paintings testify his diverse style of art. Now, art enthusiasts worldwide want to have those in the form of framed prints and wall clocks.

Expression of Emotions - Van Gogh's paintings are not merely the pieces of art but the expression of his feelings. He expressed his gratitude to “Dr. Gachet” with whom he stayed in the last days of his life. Van failed to get people's attention during his life, but now people want to buy his abstract art for their framed art collection. Now, artists make street paintings to express their love through these images.

Reduced Realism - The “madness” touch distinguishes Van Gogh's print. He developed this style in Paris. Those art prints show evoked emotion in his work rather than the following realism.

Urgency Factor - Van Gogh wall art shows the sense of urgency that he used to put in his paintings. The bold colors and dramatic brushstrokes are the beauty of his canvas wall art, and Van Gogh framed prints.

Dark Outlines and Thick Colors - Dark outlines and thick colors know his print on canvas. Maybe it was his particular style to pour out his stress and sadness.

Where to Get HQ Canvas Art Prints?

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