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American Flag Wall Art


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American Flag Art & Patriotic Home Decor FAQ

Want to decorate with some beautiful American Flag wall decor or Patriotic Wall Art? What a great choice! Adding some “Old Glory-inspired” color to your American home decor style is a great choice!

Lots of people have questions about using the image of the flag in art. That’s understandable given that there are rules around the topic! To help our users better understand the style, we asked our home decor team for their opinion! Here’s what they said:

How Is The American Flag Used In Art?

American History - In many patriotic paintings of scenes from history, the flag is present. From famous works like Washington Crossing the Delaware to depictions of any period, you can spot the American flag.

Military Appreciation - The flag is significant to many members of the armed forces and their families. This is a very common usage of the flag in home decor and art. Are you or someone you know in the military and proud of the flag? Then why not find the best American wall art print you can find and stick it on your wall?

Bald Eagles - It is very common to see American flag framed artwork featuring the national bird of the USA. Patriotic prints featuring the Bald Eagle are a classy way to express respect for the USA. Eagles are majestic, brave, and strong. To think, Benjamin Franklin thought the national bird should've been the Turkey!

Sports - So many sports find their roots in the United States. For example, baseball, football, and basketball. Some say these sports are as American as apple pie. Are you American and a fan of these sports? Then show your pride with American Flag wall art featuring your favorite sport!

So Much More - The flag isn't owned by any single person, it belongs to all Americans. You can decorate with it as long as you are respectful. If you use a real flag, make sure you follow the United States Flag Code. There is an endless world of possibility when you get creative with American flag room decor!

What Does An American Flag Mean In Art?

Independence - Everyone knows the US started as a British colony that fought for independence and won. That might be a huge simplification but that victory is the birth story of the United States. That is why Americans celebrate like crazy every 4th of July.

Freedom - Lots of times, depictions of the flag in artwork stand for freedom. The US has a reputation for being a free country. It is also a country that allows lots of personal freedoms. For many Americans, this is the main reason they are proud to be from the USA. Decorate with some freedom wall art to complete your patriotic decor style today.

American Patriotism - Of course, in lots of American artwork, the flag stands for being patriotic. In the United States, we have a culture of patriotism. The 4th of July, BBQs and so much more. School hallways adorned with American flag artwork and red white and blue patriotic framed art. Communities come together under the stars and stripes.

Dreams - The US is the land of hopes and dreams. The American dream is a goal pursued by many, to live the way they want and achieve the goals they see fit. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Different people interpret this in different ways. If these colors speak to you, then you should consider some patriotic wall decor for your home.

The United States of America - The USA flag is the primary symbol of the United States. It's recognized all over the world. If you see the red, white and blue with stars and stripes it can only mean one thing. If you love the USA, then patriotic home decor style is the perfect way for you to express it!

Where To Hang Patriotic Wall Art?

Bedroom - Would it make you happy to wake up to some large American Flag Wall Art every day? If you want to start your day in a patriotic fashion, then Patriotic bedroom decor is a great way to do it. Over the bed or on the wall facing the bed are the best spots for some American Flag bedroom decor.

Living Room - Want to remind your family to be patriotic every day? Do you want to create a patriotic atmosphere? Then hanging some awesome patriotic canvas art above the couch or fireplace is what you need. This will also cause you to have lots of conversations with your family about related topics.

Study or Office - Are you a fan of history, or does the American flag motivate you? Do you want your potential clients or coworkers to understand your commitment to the USA? If this is you, then hang some USA wall art above your desk so anyone who walks in can see. Or, you can also hang it across from your desk so you can look at it.

Entryway - Want everyone who enters your home to know you and your family are patriotic? Make it very clear to your friends and guests, “this house respects and is loyal to the United States.” If this is you, then it's likely your friends feel the same way.

Anywhere - You can hang your patriotic wall art anywhere you like and who cares what anyone has to say about it. In your space, you make the rules so stick it where you think it looks good. After all, this is America.

Different Types of American Flag Wall Art?

Patriotic Artwork - Anything that makes you proud to be an American is patriotic. Being patriotic is simply having a love for one’s country. Patriot paintings showing heroes doing the right thing are a very popular form of American Flag decor. Other common types of Patriotic art include the bald eagle and landscapes of national parks.

Flag Art - American flag home decor is so powerful because of what it stands for. Any type of US flag wall art featuring red, white, and blue fits this description. Another popular rendition seen in art is the Black and White American Flag. This design has appeared in American wall decor and taken different meanings throughout the years.

Vintage American Flag Art - Vintage means high quality with characteristics of the past. Old school American flag canvas art is a classic in the eyes of many interior decorators. This type of retro art print pairs well with rustic patriotic decor styles.

Real Images of America - To some, no type of photo canvas is as moving as real patriotic pictures of the United States. Art featuring a landmark or a patriotic scene makes a room feel sophisticated.

A Real Flag - Sometimes the best types of America artwork include putting the real flag on your wall. Maybe even in a glass case. However, if you do this just make sure you are being respectful and following the proper code.

Where Can I Find The Best Wall Decor?

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