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Botanical Wall Art


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Botanical Prints & Art FAQ

Thinking of a make-over for your space? How about you start with the walls. Decorating your walls can make your space feel glamorous.

Botanical wall art can really make your space feel great. We are here to make it easier for you to understand how. We sought expert answers to some of the most common user questions. Take a look.

What Can Botanicals Symbolize in Art?

Healing – Plants can play a critical role in medicine. Different species grown in botanical gardens are known to help with various ailments. Botanical pieces in the house or doctors office can mean hope.

Religion – Plants are commonly referenced in various religions. In Christianity, they symbolize creation - a basic Christian teaching. Traditional communities viewed trees as holy. Some even worshiped them. Botanical art prints are commonly hung in places of worship.

Science – Plants play a crucial role in science. Botanical gardens are where scientists grow plants for scientific research. Botanical decor can serve as a reminder of the essential role plants play in science.

Immortality – Plants generally live for a very long time. Some trees live for up to hundreds of years. Botanical artwork symbolizes the continuity of life. It adds to the concept of rebirths and new beginnings.

Beauty – Nothing matches nature's beauty. Some say that plants make up the biggest part of this beauty. In a botanical garden, you'll find many different species of plants. Each of these has unique aspects. The way they look and smell is different. Botanical wall decor is best when it captures this beauty.

What Are Some Popular Types of Botanical Canvas Art?

Realism – This style is also called naturalism. The artist aims at matching the perfection level of accuracy in a photograph. The artists forget about the rules or formal artistic theory for a bit. The energy is instead focused on depicting the accurate form of images. Better put, creating an illusion of reality.

Impressionism – The pieces here appear rough and incomplete. The main focus is on colors and light. The artist makes thin and accurate strokes. He/she aims at expressing his/her emotions. Most impressionist pieces are based out-door.

Abstract – This art doesn't resemble anything in real life. Instead, it uses unique shapes and colors. The shapes could symbolize objects while the colors symbolize emotions. The artist gives the viewer a chance to interpret a piece. This makes some of the best botanical wall prints.

Surrealism – This style adopts some concepts of abstract art to achieve a startling effect. An artist uses unnatural combinations to produce elegant effects on a piece. The images are full of abstractions and symbols.

Photorealism – Here, the piece looks real, like an actual photo. The artist uses paintings and drawings to reproduce the image. Charcoal and pastel colors also work magic on canvas art prints.

What Type of Decor Styles Work Best With This Style Of Art?

Modern – This style dates back to the 19th and 20th centuries. The artist aims at conveying his/her experience accurately. The decor includes the use of carefully chosen colors. Perfect finishes and elegant furniture also gives it a classy look. Couple this up with some botanical framed art. You might be amazed at the effect.

Farmhouse – This style adopts some elements of traditional style. Neutral colors and smooth lines are common here. The glossy accents and perfect lighting also give it a sleek look. The sophisticated steel appliances make it stand out. We also can't overlook the elegant countertops. Add some wall art prints, and it'll be complete.

Industrial – This style brings the industrial era back to life. Wooden elements and exposed brick makes it stand out. The style is mature and rustic. It borrows a thing or two from vintage lighting. The elegant rustic colors create a foundation for the design. The raw wooden furniture and the excellent lighting gives it a sleek appearance.

French Country – This style adopts a mix of antique French and farmhouse design. The room decor incorporates elegant color schemes. Such brings an unmatched level of warmth and subtlety. The sleek furniture with natural materials gives the room a magnificent look. Adding some botanical wall hangings would be a perfect fit.

Eclectic – This style incorporates high-energy and sleek furnishings. The perfect color schemes and textures give it a touch of elegance. The elegant furniture is also something to go by. The style is bold and quiet - you almost can’t go wrong with it. Lots of wall art sets from our collection would be a perfect compliment.

Where Is The Best Place To Hang This Type Of Art?

Living Room – The living room deserves all the attention it can get. One of the most important points are the walls. However, that's where you should focus your energy. Cover them with some carefully-chosen colors. Complete it by adding some framed art prints.

Large Wall – Who said the walls have to look dull and untidy? Give them a touch of class. Here's a chance to turn it into a gallery wall. Spread the wall with some fine art prints. Botanical pieces would be a perfect choice. If you are a die-hard art fan, this should be a dream come true.

Bedroom – Like having productive days? It all starts in the bedroom. The key to having a productive day is having a goodnight's sleep. And, for such, you need a conducive environment. Decorating your room with some small prints will do the trick. You'll wake up energetic and ready for the day.

Bathroom – Any connection with nature is therapeutic. It awakens your true self and soothes you. You need all the good feelings you can get in a bathroom. Throw some green botanical prints on the walls and let the feelings of nature take care of you.

In The Study – Need to get some work done? Then you need all the motivation you can get. One way of getting some is by decorating your space. When the walls are 'happy,' it’s likely that you'll be happy too. Carefully choose your colors. Add some art illustrations and a botanical print. You'll fall in love.

Where to Get High Quality Canvas Prints?

A make-over for your space? Why not try out botanical wall art on your walls. Here's a chance to make your walls stand out.

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