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Fantasy Wall Art


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Fantasy Art Prints & Sci-Fi Wall Art FAQ

Are you looking for a fabulous way to decorate your space? Some fantasy wall art can be an excellent choice. We asked our home decor enthusiasts some questions to help you to better understand fantasy artwork. Read on to learn about fantasy decor!

What Are Some Common Symbols in Fantasy Art?

Swords – Depicts power, courage, identity, and wisdom. Sword battle is vital because the fighters rely mainly on their skills. Using the sword requires a lot of work, skill, accuracy, and control. This can teach you in your daily life that you need to perfect your skills to succeed.

Heros – Portray superiority, strength, and courage. Heroes focus on fighting evil forces. Heroes must conquer their fears to gain empowerment. In many stories they separate themselves from their tribe to explore their inner selves and understand the reality of life. Heroes can teach you the importance of understanding yourself and your purpose in life.

Dragon – It is a sign of authority, the ability to rise over situations, evil and danger. They also have the power to see things from a clear perspective. The creature can teach you to be content with what you have. Besides, you can learn not to be self-centered and offer a helping hand where you can.

Journey – It represents the changes that people undergo to grow and discover oneself. Life has different stages that you need to explore and learn about by yourself. Focus on your strengths, and you might improve your weaknesses. Through the journey, you acquire self-confidence, patience, and perseverance.

Magic – This is a sign of power and innocence. They are a sign of something supernatural. This sometimes motivates the reader to think outside the box to know its real meaning. This can be important for children as it is very exciting and can cultivate a reading culture for them. When children read, they improve their imagination and creativity.

What Are The Different Types of Fantasy Art?

Young Adult Fantasy This genre can usually be defined by the age group between 12 and 18. The genre is open and can borrow ideas from other sub-genres. The protagonist is generally of the same age as the reader/viewer; thus, they can generally relate better to them.

Superhero Fantasy – superheroes are well-known and have a strong fan base. Their related artwork discusses in great detail the superhero concept and how they obtained their powers. Most of the time, sci-fi notions are significant reasons for their abilities.

Science Fantasy Art – These are books that contain both sci-fi and fantasy elements. The book uses fantasy elements though not in a realistic way. In soft sci-fi, there can still be fantasy elements such as dragons. Overall, the science is real and precise though not explained in-depth.

Dark Fantasy – It is a sub-type of fantasy that has an ominous tone. It occurs in an environment that portrays a gloomy atmosphere. The elements of fantasy are combined with horror that is meant to create fear. They also entertain the reader.

Sci-fi Art – This contains magical elements that do not exist in the real world. It has a wide variety of themes that discover time and space travel to occur in the future. The stories here talk about science and technology of the future.

Where Is The Best Place To Hang This Type Of Art?

Study room – You don’t want your study space to be boring do you? You could always hang up some art. What an interesting way to make your room more enjoyable to be in.

Office – Having office art allows you to communicate to coworkers and clients who you really are. It motivates you to reach your full potential and become your best self.

Bedroom – Put the art over the headboard so that it’s the first thing you see when you wake up. You can also decorate your room by having a variety of art pictures creating a unique scene.

What Type of Decor Styles Work Best With This Kind of Art?

Black and White Decor- By adding fantasy canvas art to your decor you can bring out a contemporary and stylish feel. It can be ideal for your living room, office or kitchen.

Fantasy Decor- Looking at classic fantasy prints can make lots of people’s imaginations run wild. This is because you have the image in mind of something creative. The prints can also be a source of inspiration, motivating you to work harder.

Abstract Decor – Sci-fi canvas prints can give your space a chic appearance. Besides, it can motivate you to embrace science and technology as it keeps on evolving.

Modern Decor – With fantasy wall decor, you can brighten your space. It can be an excellent addition to your fantasy room decor. The decor might even help boost the creativity of your kids.

Rustic Decor – You can tailor fantasy art prints to any decor style. That means these prints can even work with a natural country style.

Where To Get High Quality Art Prints?

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